Nowadays most people want to drive a vehicle with the most efficiency and the least input. Did you hear about zero-down payment deals? It’s up to you whether to put money upfront. One of the ways is to look for the best lease deals $0 down payment lease deal when your initial amount is not obligatory.

Key points

  • When you start leasing, a down payment can be the first option. Sometimes It gives some profit and lowers your monthly payments.
  • Leasing companies provide car leasing 0 down when you don’t have to pay money upfront.
  • There are 4 types of lease deals $0 down which have a little bit different conditions.
  • You have to check your credit score before looking for zero down payment deals. It should be not lower than 620.
  • Be attentive when choosing a car and consider the opportunity to have a co-signer.

How to get the best lease deals $0 down?

Learn the information!

Lease deals are getting more and more popular over the years. You can find a lot of information about car leasing by surfing the Internet.

Some of it cannot be 100% reliable. Most people have a fear of being cheated with a financial scam.

We will tell you some rules of leasing and reveal the notion of zero initial payment.

Grand Prix Motors provides not only the best lease deals but keeps you safe from news-liars!

calculator with a zero figure
You can easily calculate your lease

Your $0 down car lease deal

Sometimes you can make the initial payment just to lower your monthly payments. However, zero down payment can be profitable too.

Take into consideration, that in case the car is stolen or totaled, you will not receive money back. That’s why it’s so popular in the US to look for the best lease deal $0 down.

For example, if you lease a $40,000 car and as the lease calculator shows it will cost $18,000 after 2 years, your costs will be equal to this difference.

So, you will pay $22,000 during 24 months. It’s the general payments that form your monthly payments. The advantage of this way is that you know for sure how much you should pay every month. In the example we provided above your monthly payment will be always about $916.  

Then you pay the finance fee also called the capitalized cost. This cap cost as the depreciation one depends on the vehicle’s price which you negotiate with your personal assistant. It’s clear you can make your lease payment lower by bargaining for a lower price. The finance fee consists of the vehicle’s price and all extra taxes which are usually paid not in cash.

You have some additional fees as well:

a hand holding dollar notes in flames
  • acquisition fee (from car dealer to set up the lease)
  • disposition fee (funding the disposal of the car after leasing)
  • documentation fee
  • taxes fees for over mileage

Also, you have to know some aspects which can help you to be more aware of the topic and reduce your costs in the process of choosing the best car lease deals.

When you lease a vehicle, you will see some numbers like 0.00025 which can make you feel confused.

It’s the display of interest rate known as the money factor. The money factor is used as lease slang and is shown as a percentage. If you want to find out the interest rate from it, you have to multiply this number by 2,400. Don’t forget when you choose a car a higher interest rate means higher monthly payments. 

Down payments and car lease deals

Usually, you have a down payment first. This amount is not always obligatory, it depends on the company. You have to ask your personal expert if it’s stated on the deal.

In general, initial payment is not refundable and it also affects your monthly payment. The higher the first payment you make, the lower regular payments you have.

Maybe you are wondering, what happens with the down payment if the car gets stolen? How does down payment influence car leasing vs car financing?

Watch an exclusive short interview with Grand Prix Motors CEO Lenny Komsky to find out.

Let’s move to the zero-down payment programs.

Types of $0 down car lease deals

According to Carsplan, there are several types of zero down payment leases you should know:

  • No Cap Cost Reduction: this kind of saving of your costs means you don’t have any down payment expense, you have to pay all the fees and the first month’s payment at signing;
  • Dealer Makes the First Payment: some car manufacturers like Honda provide the deal when the manufacturer makes the first month’s payment and then you have no money down, you have to be attentive and find your best car lease deals;
  • No Cap Cost Reduction and $0 First Month’s Payment: it means that you don’t have to pay the first-month lease payment, only the state’s fee at signing are required, but there is the problem that your next monthly payments will be higher;
  • Zero Due At Signing – Sign and Drive: it’s the most well-known deal when you make only payments and fees which are mentioned in the lease agreement and start driving.

Requirements to get the best lease deals $0 down

Credit score

A good credit score is between 620 and 680 because car manufacturers usually provide such zero down payment auto loans for high-qualified customers only. So you have to improve your credit scores beforehand if you are not sure yours will work on you. A score over 680 is the perfect one to get the best lease deals $0 down!


Your friend or relative as a co-signer of a leasing deal will be helpful here because it shows you are ready to split the costs and pay together. It is a good way for those who have poor credit score too.

Proper car

Choose an appropriate car because commonly such special conditions are provided for the most affordable vehicles on the market. Honda, Hyundai, and Nissan offer such agreements the most frequently. Of course, be careful with your personal finance because leasing a vehicle should be a considered decision.

Right time

The beginning of the month is the golden time to find $0 down specials. Commonly, leasing companies provide many new offers at the start of the new month.


So, let’s repeat your steps to get your best lease deal $0 down: check your credit score, do an online search to choose a vehicle you want, try to learn everything about lease payments to feel confident during the negotiations about the car loan, arrange the lease agreement and get your best deal! Of course, you always have an extra option — just contact your personal expert to find out some info you want and ask any questions! Enjoy your driving!

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