CAR LEASE REVIEWS: 2022 Honda Civic LX

Nowadays drivers feel confused with the variety of cars they can choose. You can drive a luxurious sport car and another day you have an idea to drive a spacious SUV. It is a difficult choice, isn’t it? Driving is a great combination of skills, innovations, approaches, and choices which are very difficult sometimes. You can be an experienced professional or freshman in the world of autos but it doesn’t mean anything. You will have to read a lot of car reviews to ensure you make the right decision. How to avoid mistakes and find a really good fair review on the car? Just follow the link which leads you to Grand Prix Motors website and you are safe with us! Our experts present you only well-checked facts and true information.

2022 Honda Civic — Car Review

Since the last century, Honda Civic is a popular affordable, and reliable road friend for many drivers. 2022 Honda Civic LX is a representative of the 11th generation of the Civic family. It has been improved and updated as well to surprise the customers and give you new feelings. Surely, there are different opinions of this model because it is boring and too classic for some and clear and stylish for others. Innovative implementations and changes have always caused ambiguous emotions but it doesn’t affect the aspect of Honda’s popularity and brilliant reputation on the market.

Strong performance, good-looking design, high fuel economy and interesting tech features

It is our description of the 2022 Honda Civic LX and we will tell you more details considering the pros and cons of a new model. Keep scrolling and check the info carefully not to miss the best car lease reviews for further deals!

General overview

Pros Cons
Stylish minimalistic design Very noisy driving
Comfortable spacious cabinFront-seat lumbar support is not enough
Affordability and fuel economy Too distracting safety alarms
High level of performanceLess quick than the previous model
Number of tech featuresMany features aren’t for all types


Monthly Payment$319,99

Exterior and Styling

2022 Honda Civic LX is a sedan from the new generation which is presented with eye-satisfying features:

  • lower and wider frame;
  • wider glass areas;
  • new LED styling;
  • driver’s seat with body-stabilizing function;
  • front seats with quick heating;
  • HPD spoilers and emblem;
  • floor mats with higher protection.

There are the main characteristics of 2022 Honda Civic LX which consists of the most attractive points. You can see a lot more styling details like 18-inch gloss-black wheels and a perfect silhouette. In general, drivers used to think that such points are not so decisive when they choose a car. However, remember when you are talking with your friends and sharing information about your vehicle. What will you tell the first? Of course, about car’s appearance and your driving habits. And if you can tell anything about how professional you are on the road, the design of the auto is provided by manufacturers! That’s why you should take it into consideration when checking the car lease reviews.

In-Car Technology

Honda took care of driver’s comfort and provided updated solutions to make your way full of conveniences and pleasant emotions.

First of all, it is the point of wireless connection of your phone with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration which allows you to do all activities on a big screen and not to use cables.

The manufacturer concentrated the attention on safety a lot so you will be able to know about other cars to the side of your leased Sedan thanks to the Blind spot information system. There is also a multi-angled rearview camera inside the Civic LX to better seeing the view behind.

Secondly, the technology of Honda offline maps, then you won’t be lost exploring unknown locations. Also, the company launched HondaLink App to help you take control of the car’s mileage, fuel range, and oil life.

Can you imagine your driving without favorite sounds? GPM experts can’t do that as well so Honda made the premium sound system that lets you dive into every song or podcast without hearing extra noise.

Moreover, the decisive safety technology of Honda well-equipped sedan is an auto lock option. Just shut the door, shake hands with your friends and go away! Nobody will have access to your car.

Fuel Economy

The most important factor when drivers think of leasing 2022 Honda Civic LX is its fuel saving option. Such smart service attracts customers the most becouse it is considered to be modern, cost-effective and fuel pump saving.

The new sedan has the fuel economy is equal to 31 mpg city, 40 mpg highway, 35 mpg combined.

*mpg – miles per gallon

Driving Features

metallic honda civic model from the side view
  • 2.0 liter 180-horsepower engine available;
  • sport-tuned suspension;
  • ability to accelerate smoothly;
  • special paddle shifters to improve transmission shift points;
  • drive system with 3 modes (both gas ECON and sport);
  • innovative digital display for the driver;
  • racing sport pedals;
  • wheel with leather covering.


Therefore, Honda Civic Lx is an appropriate example of a successful combination of high fuel economy, excellent interior ideas, and a fresh design. We compare it with the sweetest candy in the simplest packing. Do you want to be the first to drive the Civic new creation? Contact us now, we are waiting for our cooperation!

#enjoy your freedom with Grand Prix Motors!

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