Every time we buy or order something we want to get it ASAP. No matter how valuable the thing is and how necessary it is to have it right now. The customers always have to receive their purchase the fastest way. Same thing with car leasing online: you look for an option “lease a car near me” and get your car within 1 day! Obviously, you’ll get several offers for the car lease deals near me and you want to put your hands on the wheel and start the trip. You can take advantage of an exclusive buy back program and make some money for your next lease!

First, you have to be aware of how the company can arrange your delivery. You will be able to discuss the issues of the delivery process with your personal assistant and to find out the no-cost delivery locations, door-to-door delivery, and more!

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What kinds of delivery can be provided when leasing a car online?

In general, there are 2 main types of delivery available — driven and transported ones.

Driven delivery means your new vehicle will be brought to the certain location you said by the company’s driver. You have the only responsibility, in this case, to say the valid address and arrange the time with your leasing company. Of course, you can have this door-to-door delivery out of charge in several cities in the New York Metropolitan area. It covers such big parts of the state like NY, New Jersey, and Connecticut. When you choose ‘car lease deals near me’ with GPM, you get your car in this area within 48 hours!

This delivery of your leased vehicle is normally the most affordable and comfortable because it prevents you from extra wastes of money and time.   

Transported delivery is another kind of receiving your vehicle when the driver puts your car on the back of an auto or van transporter. You can order this one if you lease a high-value auto and you don’t want any delivery mileage. The date of delivery is not certain in this option because it doesn’t fully depend on your leasing company.

This type of car arrival is considered to be less cost-effective and time-convenient because it is always made with an additional charge and you can’t know the date for sure.

Also, sometimes you can find the option of the car collection at a dealership on your own. It happens very rarely and is not the best way of “delivery” because you will have to overcome all the challenges by yourself.

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Car leasing online: handover process

Commonly, the procedure consists of 3 steps — checking, demonstration, and signing. 

First, the vehicle has arrived and you will carry out a detailed inspection. You don’t have to be in a rush at this moment and you will have fewer questions to discuss later. What are the main points to check?

  • Car registration number and specification which have to comply with the lease contract. In case, they don’t match you have to contact the GPM assistant and the finance company to find the solution.
  • Vehicle condition inside and out to ensure there aren’t any defects. If you see something is wrong with the vehicle, take the photos and say it to the delivery team. According to the fair wear and tear rules any damages will be on your responsibility. So, you have to look carefully at the paintwork, all glass, wheels and tyres, interior and check the handbook, locking wheel nuts and tyre repair kit. Of course, don’t  forget to take your full key and a spare.
  • General outlook which has to be clean and the car should be in a driven state.

Will there be a kind of inspection?

The demonstration step is something that people usually avoid but it’s not a good idea. Anyway, it’s better to give the delivery driver an opportunity to show you some basics of usage. The delivery team doesn’t make the full technical demonstration but you can go for a test drive to the local dealer.

The last point will be signing the delivery note which confirms you are satisfied with everything about the car and there are no problems with the delivery. After this action you become responsible for the auto and any damages will be up to you. That’s why to double-check is important!

There are also 3 major aspects of the process you have to negotiate with the driver. 




It is the number of miles which were driven during the delivery way.

They should be checked carefully and not counted to your annual mileage.

Of course, the leased car will contain the fuel as for the running vehicle.

Though make sure it will be enough for your first trip.

There are many factors that can affect the time you will wait for the delivery process: model demand, factory locations, and closures, time of the year.

Usually, you won’t wait for the vehicle more than a week or two for in-stock orders and 2 or 3 months for factory orders.

Tips On ‘Car Lease Deals Near Me’ Delivery

  • Hold your phone close to you and don’t mute it because the driver usually calls you an hour before arrival
  • Set 2 or more free hours (time slot) to pay enough attention to car inspection and dialogue with a delivery driver
  • Make a test drive of your car to have this first feeling of meeting your new vehicle and checking if everything works correctly

To sum up, we can say that your car leasing online is a really easy and effortless process with convenient delivery. If you are ready to wait for a short time and check the documents carefully nothing unexpected can happen and you will get the car of your dreams right near the door! You can also calculate your deal to get an approximate estimation of your next car. Leasing with GPM is about being sure what you are going to have, how long, and what way it will be delivered. It is all about satisfying your needs and desires. Just explain what you wish to your personal expert and start your journey with us!

#enjoy your freedom with Grand Prix Motors!

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