Nowadays the sharing economy ideas are more and more popular. It was something that scared people a few years ago. However, the opportunity to share things and make it useful for the environment attracts society’s attention. Modern generations consider it as a routine. Young people transform sharing economy rules into our common life. Collaborative usage of things depends on real estate rental conditions, car leasing deals, clothing brands’ philosophy. It is not the trend that scares people anymore, it is our reality. 

Car leasing and new reality

We face global changes every day. Moreover, we are part of them. We are the creators of further development. Do you remember the times when we felt confused with online shopping, remote studying, and paying by card? It was a question of weak security and lack of knowledge of how it works.

But the society overcame the fears and started a new life. For instance, we are not afraid of booking an apartment on Airbnb with unknown people. What’s more, car leasing services don’t look like something puzzling and strange. It is an easy and clear process. It doesn’t require a lot of effort.

What is Sharing Economy

Sharing economy is also known as collaborative, access, or gig economy. It means sharing the services or things for free or a fixed charge. Such peer-to-peer lending is an interesting process of cooperation. For example, you need something and try to find somebody who has it to share with you and vice versa. It becomes a global trend among governments and societies. Politicians use the sharing ideas in the governmental programs and documents. People try to be aware of the trends and impacts to carry their mission.

sharing economy components scheme

According to the statistics, the sharing economy’s popularity grows at a huge speed and spreads among Americans. Since 2016 the number of sharing economy factors grew from 44.8 million to 86.5 million in 2021. Its ideas and needs are changing too fast. That’s why people have to adapt to the new reality.

Of course, after COVID-19 pandemic conditions, a lot of industries declined in development because of new rules. For instance, car leasing services didn’t suffer a lot while Airbnb lost half of the workforce and income. It was just a short tough situation that showed the new ways for growth and improvements.

scheme of sharing economy sector and traditional rental sector projected revenue opportunity

The technology and innovative approach became an important factor in sharing economy. Society switched from ownership to shared usage. As a result, SaaS (Software as a Service) came into the industry. It totally changed the behavior of customers and entrepreneurs. Sharing through apps, subscription-based plans and other features become possible thanks to technologies. It helped to sharing economy growth.

Car leasing services as a part of Sharing Economy

Sharing economy tools are vital for the automotive industry. They shape the automotive trade by giving easy access to a lot of features for low payments. It attracts drivers more than possession. But it causes challenges that are decisive for future development. 

The amount of car-sharing and ride-hailing firms increases quickly. They provide long-term access to shared cars for affordable prices and based on cost-effective conditions. In general, it shows our movement straight to the auto revolution. 

First, car manufacturers change their philosophy. Volkswagen acquired the stake in the ride-hailing app. BMW and Daimler united the services of car sharing. Toyota started its own car hire service. They tend to be on a flow of innovative solutions and current tendencies. In 2018, BMW company even moved a step forward and launched a new lease program for sharing economy.

Car leasing services as a tool

Currently, car leasing companies’ role rises as well. Leasing becomes something more than a kind of car ownership. People use this tool to carry a special personal mission. They save not only their costs but our environment as well.

For example, we know that electric cars are not so harmful to nature. It attracts many drivers. Although there are not so many people who can afford it. They try to find something much more appropriate when thinking of buying a vehicle. The best solution, in this case, is to lease a hybrid car. It shows you a great driving experience and prevents a bad impact on the environment.

Collaborative usage impact

Sharing economy is about resource optimization. It promotes the philosophy of zero waste. The new business model of the collaborative economy affected the structure of the world. People want to be engaged in global trends and be useful in such important processes. The three main directions are focused on transport, accommodation, and durable goods.

In fact, the major impact is connected with consumption reduction. For example, car sharing is more effective than ride-sharing. Because it has a higher level of idea implementation. Car sharing helps to lower the number of cars at all and gives the biggest environmental benefit.

Talking about the accommodations, room sharing, or staying at the hotel can be a good decision. It is a better way to be involved in a collaborative economy than the whole apartment sharing. Durable goods should be shared to reduce energy consumption. In general, it is a path to environmental sustainability.

scheme of climate change correlation with sharing economy
Sharing economy ideas

Sharing Economy and Climate Changes

The main idea of sharing economy from the side of climate impact is co-sharing of carbon-intensive goods. Such platforms as Uber or Airbnb provide the best solutions from this point. The services of car or apartment sharing are at the peak of their role in society.

Currently, the sharing of the main things is getting more and more popular and profitable. Such shared resources can be helpful for the reduction of energy use and straightly influence climate change. The good side is that every location has its own opportunity to affect the process. Small urban area inhabitants can share the house and appliances usage. Also, the citizens of all digitally connected cities can use mobile apps to use the benefits of sharing economy.

A common use of property, transport, some devices, public places, etc can limit greenhouse-gas emissions. The only important point is people’s responsible attitude and willingness to the changes.


Therefore, leasing a car became one of the main ideas of sharing economy. The obvious fact that you can save the planet by sharing makes everybody think of the lifestyle. Contact us to make your input and become a part of a global trend! Improve your life, save the environment and prevent climate changes with Grand Prix Motors!

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