The auto market is developing all the time. in other words, there is no day without any news and updates. If you check car selling websites, you can find a lot of different offers. Sometimes they satisfy you and another day you feel disappointed with the list. Surely, you look for the best cars to lease or buy and it is good for you to be aware of the process! Your only decisive task is to use only relative sources and don’t trust everything you see! So, if you want to choose the best transport for you — Grand Prix Motors provides the best cars to lease!

Currently, car manufacturers try to be in a flow of trends and innovations and improve their products as well as possible. Of course, the leaders in the sector stay the same for a long time because of their authority and popularity. Customers have their favorite companies and brands and don’t change them. That is why the U.S. list of best cars doesn’t have many changes.

Key points 

  • The auto market changed a little after COVID-19 pandemic in 2020
  • US citizens always choose comfort and space rather than luxury and high technology
  • Toyota Camry is the leader in 2021
  • Americans prefer Porsche to Lexus

US AUTO MARKET — 2020 vs 2021

Firstly, the beginning of the current year differs from the previous year and shows interesting statistics. Both drivers and car manufacturers are interested in the ratings of selling vehicles and their movement. It is useful information for drivers because they see the level of car brands as for transport companies who can check the audience choice and preferences. Nowadays everybody is used to some permanent conditions so any changes cause turbulence in the market and make people dive more deeply into the process.

Moreover, the year 2020 was a really new and unexpected year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it affected the market a lot and redownloaded all the processes. Indeed, the spring turned the automakers to the tough times and they were not ready for that. Finally, they reported a sufficient reduction in sales and expected them to stop. Obviously, it didn’t happen so badly, and despite a lot of losses the situation improved from July 2020. The third and fourth quarters of last year were pretty easy and car manufacturers refreshed before a new year started.


CharacteristicLight trucksAutosHeavy trucks
Dec 20191,138.91374.1346.2
Jan 2020843.32293.2431.9
Feb 20201,004.08346.4933.1
Mar 2020725.25264.7133.4
Apr 2020548.9166.4228
May 2020860.56258.5323.6
Jun 2020849.81251.1830.4
Jul 2020944.08292.5631.8
Aug 20201,018.3299.7736.3
Sep 20201.036.27304.8338.6
Oct 20201,045.37313.5540.4
Nov 2020921.51277.6336.1
Dec 20201,272.57332.9345.9
Jan 2021856.28249.8235.4
Feb 2021933.97258.9432.9
Mar 20211,232.67362.6645.6
Apr 20211,168.08350.538.74
May 20211,196.04386.0338.36
Vehicle sales between 2019-2021 US

The most important aspect of 2021 is the position of light trucks which totally captured the US market this June. In fact, they were among the best cars to lease in 2021 and there were a lot of drivers who wanted to buy cars from this segment. Despite the fact that 2020 wasn’t so different from the popularity of light trucks, SUVs were at their peak that year as well. While currently we can see little different results. Who knows what will be the next global change?


Surely, last year was interesting because of a lot of presents on the auto market. In general, the car manufacturers overcame the difficulties and make their job well. Therefore we can create the list of TOP SELLING CARS IN 2021!

10. Nissan Rogue (227,935 units sold) takes the tenth position as a car with fuel-efficient powertrains and capacious cargo space

9. Toyota Corolla (237,178 units sold) is well-equipped with the most spacious back seat

8. Toyota Tacoma (238,806 units sold) differs from other Toyota models but has a standard list of benefits of dedicated off-road models

7. Honda Civic (261,225 units sold) which has an updated convenient cabin and affordable price

6. Toyota Camry (294,348 units sold) as a sporty model with a four-cylinder engine

5. Honda CR-V (333,502 units sold) with its more modern new design solutions

4. Toyota RAV4 (430,387 units sold) which is a standard good choice of a car with many driver-assistance features

3. Ram Pickup (563,676 units sold) as both luxury and traditional pickup

2. Chevrolet Silverado (586,675 units sold) takes almost the first position because of its capability and versatility

1.Ford F-Series (787,422 units sold) keeps its leadership since 2019 thanks to its upgrades, style and reliability!


It is the middle of the year and we can ensure that the 2021 and 2020 list of best-selling cars indeed looks very similar. For instance, Honda and Toyota models take the top positions which will not surprise those who regularly check the statistics. Keep scrolling down to see the bestsellers!

Top 5 selling cars or best cars to lease 2021 include: 

5. Nissan Sentra (77,859)

We will start the rating from the end and the smart and cost-effective car. Nissan Sentra takes the fifth position and wins recognition from the car selling websites and drivers. The brand offers low prices for such features as new safety technology, zippy available engine, and high-quality interior!

4. Honda Accord (114,707)

Undoubtedly, this model has changed a lot and it was a pleasure for drivers! Moreover good exterior solutions, the modernization of the infotainment system, and low pricing look very attractive and make this car one of the best ones on the market!

3. Honda Civic (152,956)

Simple styling and the creation a classic car in modern variation is the main factor for the customers. Besides Honda Civic surprised drivers with its fresh look and proved its reliability as a car for daily routine and difficult trips!

2. Toyota Corolla (155,531)

Here is the start of Toyota’s inner competition and Corolla is the one place of being a leader. There are 9 variations of the car in this model and new last-years features like giving the most fuel-effective driving in the city!

1.Toyota Camry (177,671)

Obviously, Toyota Camry became the winner in 2021! It became the best-selling car because of its interior and exterior decisions and reliability which is a vital factor for the drivers. Moreover, Toyota Camry provides 12 variations of the model that attracts customers!

In general, all the cars on the list have one thing in common which makes the rating much more clear. These cars have been refreshed or redesigned in the last few years. Of course, the customers admire new features and the implementation of interesting design solutions or other innovations. As a result, the manufacturer has a higher position among others and a lot of clients who really trust the company!


First, you have to see the difference between 2020 and 2021 sales to be ready to choose the best cars to lease or buy!

table of the difference between 2020 and 2021 sales of luxury cars

Here is the list of another segment vehicles — Best Luxury Cars 2021!

  1. Porsche Taycan 
  2. Lexus LS 
  3. Porsche Panamera
  4. BMW 7 Series 
  5. Audi A8


So, you have to make a difficult decision among the best cars to lease or buy this year. We want to be sure that the information was useful for you and it is more clear for you what car you want to drive next! Contact your GPM personal expert to make a choice!


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