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Grand Prix Motors Choice

Vehicles for lease by Grand Prix Motors.

Auto lease offers for personal and business needs in our online catalog.

Grand Prix Motors is known as one of the most reputable car leasing brokers for individuals and businesses in Brooklyn, NY. This reputation has developed because many of our clients and commercial companies have successfully used vehicles for lease by Grand Prix Motors for many years. They were able to make sure of the flawlessness and reliability of cooperation with us.

Currently, other clients can also evaluate favorable conditions for car leasing for individuals. In our auto leasing company, clients receive additional benefits.

Vehicles for lease by Grand Prix MotorsThe best and cheap car lease deals in the Grand Prix Motors catalog.

We provide the client with a low interest rate for the lease of a car.
We guarantee taxes and other payments administration, which are related to the particular car lease deal.
$0 or a very low down payment. No hidden payments. Car lease specials.
Auto leasing allows you to purchase a car of a luxury class.
Using car leasing, the client can always use a new car with a constant warranty by the manufacturer.

Auto leasing is more profitable than an auto loan.

Leasing can be much more profitable than car loans (down payment is less or $0, lease payment is lower than loan payment.)
Getting approval for a deal from a leasing company is easier than getting approval for a car loan from a bank.
By purchasing a car by lease, the client does not increase his credit load and can make more extensive use of bank loan products (mortgage, credit cards, etc.)

Change cars easily with vehicles for lease by Grand Prix Motors.

With a car lease, you do not need to worry about the risks associated with decreasing the cost of the car when selling it.

If you can’t find your dream car on the Vehicles for Lease page of Grand Prix Motors website, reserve a personal appointment with our consultant by phone at 718 648-8822 and we will find the auto leasing offer for you.

More information about our work you will find on the FAQ page.