According to Boston 25 News, a group of suspects reportedly stole two Lamborghini Urus SUVs and a Chevrolet Cruze sedan from Herb Chambers Lamborghini outside of Boston, Massachusetts, this week. The joyrides ended when the Uruses were involved in a three-vehicle rear-end accident.

At roughly 3 a.m. on February 17, 2020, burglars triggered the alarm at the Lambo dealership by throwing a sizeable rock through the showroom glass to get inside. Once they had access to the dealership’s inventory, the suspects grabbed the keys and drove three vehicles right off the lot, no issues. But where there’s an alarm, there are police, and the suspects were quickly spotted.

When the cop moved to pull the vehicles over, only the Cruze stopped, while the powerful Uruses pulled away. The two people inside the Cruze were taken into custody.

Hours later, reports placed the twin-turbo V8 Lamborghinis in the nearby city of Malden, north of Boston. An officer began to follow the SUVs, which were driving around town at high speeds. Instead of getting away this time, a black Urus ran straight into the rear of a red Kia Soul, whose occupant was taken to a hospital to treat injuries. Following too closely behind his friend, the driver of the white Urus hit the rear of the black Urus.

Both drivers attempted to run away, and one was able to escape. The other was taken into custody. For more information on the suspects or the locations, head over to Boston 25.