Today GPM experts want to ask you some important questions which will define your further way. Are you confused about having a new vehicle? Do you want to get a driving experience with a car but not buy it? Are you fascinated with the idea of having some test drives of different cars? Leasing will be a good idea! Remember three basic aspects: you are 18 years old, have a valid driving license, and have a good credit score. It means you can lease a car! What is leasing and how to lease your first car properly?

Let’s start your way together!

First, you should understand the difference between leasing, renting, and buying a vehicle. Financing your first car to buy may bring second thoughts as you have to take a long-term commitment for a loan. If you don’t have any intentions of making a purchase, you might have considered other ways of having a car. Leasing and renting are pretty similar but not at all.

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When you rent a car, your contract is usually short-term and has no potential for further ownership. Leasing means driving your car for the agreed period of time and paying for its depreciation with some additional fees. Grand Prix Motors offers a convenient and exclusive service with the opportunity to save your money to drive a brand new car. Thus, you get all the advantages of a young driver of a leased vehicle:

  • fixed monthly payments which are definitely lower than car purchase price
  • ability to drive the latest brand cars and change them every few years
  • hassle-free maintenance and no worries about trading-in or selling
  • convenient driving system which is affordable and easy-to-get for personal or business usage

Your comfortable lifestyle with your favorite car is safe with our company which provides the best solutions based on your needs! Contact us now to have a free consultation and get all the answers directly from our lease expert. You can also lease online – follow this link to our 100% online leasing guide.

You’ve made a decision to lease a car in NYC. What should you do next?

Your further steps consist of a few aspects such as your budget, preferences, mileage, and opportunities.

1. What is leasing a car and what should you pay for?

The initial payment will be the money you agree to put up-front. It is not a deposit and this payment is not refundable, as it will be enrolled in the total lease cost. For instance, you signed a 36-month deal. There will be the initial rental fee followed by 35 payments of the monthly amount. In general, you will make 36 payments during the 3-year lease.

Then you will have fixed monthly payments which depend on the make and model you choose, term of the lease, money factor, annual mileage, and other possible factors. You also may want to consider insurance which is not included in any other payment, fuel, and maintenance.

It’s important to define your budget and ability to pay to go further. Don’t worry if you are careful and attentive enough to avoid any extra fees. We pride ourselves to provide transparent and honest service for our customers in order to eliminate any possible hassle. Click here to get your Free Quote from your personal lease expert.

2. You like Mercedes! Should you lease it as the first car?

Surely, your first leasing experience should be associated with a vehicle you like. You have to understand that the first car must be affordable, reliable, and easy to drive. Fortunately, leasing providers offer a wide range of cars to try. We have a list of such cars which we consider to be the most appropriate for leasing freshmen!

  • 2021 Mazda CX-30 Select Awd – starting from $279,99 per month
  • 2021 Nissan Sentra S — starting from $239,99 per month
  • 2021 Hyundai Tucson SE 4wd — starting from $269,99 per month
2021 Hyundai Tucson SE 4wd
  • Hyundai Tucson SE 4wd
  • There are average prices you can be aware of at this stage. In general, your personal assistant will use all the important factors to calculate the exact amount of money you have to pay for your lease. 

    3. You’ve chosen a car but you saw it advertised as 6,000 miles but you need 15,000. Should you choose a new one?

    So, it’s almost the last step on your way. And the vital point here is to be honest about your mileage because there are different mileage limits for every car. Of course, your monthly lease payments depend on the number of miles you drive. You have to consider your driving habits and ambitions, and don’t forget about any emergency trips. We propose an idea to count it correctly. You have to multiply your weekly mileage by 52 and then add 5% more for any unexpected journeys. It will be really close to your annual mileage!

    4. Is it difficult to make lease deals?

    It’s important to be responsible enough during this process. When you tried to decide either leasing or buying a car is better you analyzed your lifestyle and abilities. It will be the same during the process of leasing — you just have to be honest, attentive, and keep in touch with your provider. You can ask as many questions as you need to make your first experience clear for you. When you arrange the car you want and the price, the leasing company works with car suppliers and finds you a finance company that will approve your lease contract. Then you sign the lease deal and get your car! Congratulations!


    Leasing a car is like a psychological test: you have to understand yourself and analyze your lifestyle to make a proper decision. Thus, we are your psychologists and we are ready to help you not to be lost among the big variety of brands, offers, and opportunities. Make your first experience your best one and get your leasing master’s degree with Grand Prix Motors! Click here to get in touch with your personal lease expert as soon as possible!

    #enjoy your freedom with Grand Prix Motors!

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