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Auto leasing by Grand Prix Motors

Does Grand Prix Motors provide auto leasing service as a broker or dealer?

Auto leasing by Grand Prix MotorsGrand Prix Motors provides its services as a broker. We research and haggle with the dealers for the best car lease deals for you.

What does auto leasing service mean?

Car leasing is a financial product, which is combined with the junction of bank loans and leases. Auto leasing allows legal businesses and individuals to get vehicles with the right to use, depositing the payments for rent gradually during the car lease term.

Do I own the car with a car leasing term?

No, you don’t own the leasing vehicles as in traditional car buying. However, a leasing broker Grand Prix Motors purchases the new car from the dealer for you for the best price. Besides, you have a great option to change your old car to a new one every couple of years.

How can I order the vehicle from Grand Prix Motors?

If you consider getting the largest inventory for choosing the needed car and the best car lease deals, you’re on the right online catalog of vehicles for lease. Just browse our auto leasing catalog, select the needed car, and contact us for the best price throughout the short request form.

Grand Prix Motors provides the best car lease deals in the New York metropolitan area. You will find the cheapest leasing specials on our website and get low-interest auto loans easily at Grand Prix Motors office in Brooklyn.

If you can’t find your dream car, reserve a personal appointment with our consultant by phone at 718 648-8822 and we will find the auto leasing offer for you.

Car Protection Options

(Zero Deductible)
(Unlimited Incidents)

Car Protection Options

Peace of mind

✓ lease wear & tear
✓ Tire & wheel protection
✓ Key/remote replacement
✓ paintless dent repair
✓ windshield repair
✓ 24 hour roadside assistance (towing – 100 mile radius)
✓ mechanical

Elitecare/platinum bundles

✓ tire & wheel protection
✓ Curb & cosmetic protection (elitecare)
✓ key/remote replacement
✓ paintless dent repair
✓ windshield repair
✓ 24 hour roadside assistance (towing – 100 mile radius)

Tire & Wheel

✓ tire & wheel protection
✓ optional curb & cosmetic
✓ 24 hour roadside assistance (towing – 100 mile radius)

Lease wear & Tear

✓ $5,000 coverage
✓ Zero Deductible
✓ $200 over mileage benefit
✓ Cover 3 months before or after lease due date

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Grand Prix Motors guarantees the best car lease deals in NY and beyond and a great set of services related to auto leasing for their customers. We know how to be responsible from A to Z in the auto loan service.

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