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Why it is the best time to Trade-in your leased car now

COVID-19 changed the auto market and the prices of new cars. The reason lies in the lack of semiconductor chips – essential components of a modern vehicle.

The chip shortage of customary vehicles caused the higher demand and made them more expensive for leasing, purchasing, or selling a leased car.

As a result, car owners in the NYC and Tri-State area tend to find alternative ways like an auto lease takeover to make a profit from their cars.

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    How Does a Lease Trade Work?

    If you have your own or leased car in a good condition, we will buy your car out – any make and model. So if you are thinking of trading in your car, it’s high time to do so!

    We will offer you above market fair value and exceptional service along with that. We can buy out the deals that would end in more than a year and still make extra cash for you.
    You also can get a $200 bonus if you refer your friend or colleague to our buy back program. Submit the info about your friend’s car and get your $200 after the deal is completed.

    Apply here if you consider selling a leased car early!

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    3 Reasons for Early Turn-in Deals


    It is a profitable process that helps you to pay less for the car for the whole lease term.


    No hassle with selling the car because you don’t worry about anything. When you trade in your car for lease, your company takes care of everything.


    The opportunity to avoid some extra fees for poor care and breaking the annual mileage.

    Advantages of Trading Your Lease In

    You can trade your leased auto in to get the profit or choose trading in a leased car for a new lease! Why is it beneficial to get a trade in lease early to buy a new car?

    • no penalties imposed
    • the cost of your current car will be rolled into the next lease
    • no extra places to look for, you can do everything in your leasing company
    • lease provider will be responsible for your old financing
    • no paperwork and piles of document

    Apply here to trade-in your leased car and get free consultation.


    How can you benefit

    Early termination may cause different extra fees and penalties. However, there are a few ways to use your current lease deal and receive some money.

    You can trade in your lease early. Trading in a leased car can be your best solution in the modern market situation.

    With Grand Prix Motors’ buy back program you get the chance to trade in a lease early to get a new car or just make a profit.

    You also can bring your friend or colleague and get a $200 bonus for a reference!

    Fill in the form to trade-in your leased car and get free consultation.

    Can I Trade-In a Leased Vehicle Early?

    Yes, and the best way of trading in a leased car early is cooperating with brokers. Now you get the chance to sell your lease and make some extra money on your current car!

    Grand Prix Motors works with early lease turn-in deals and can trade in virtually any make and model of yours. If you drive the following makes you will receive priority for the program:
    Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Nissan, Range Rover, Jeep, Dodge, Hyundai, and Kia.



    Be aware that each offer of the lease buyout NYC and Tri-State area is individual.

    The lease deals for a car lease swap in the NY and Tri-State area can differ according to your terms, credit score, and lessor.

    If you are already among our clients, contact your personal GPM assistant to negotiate your personal deal and the possibility of trading in a car at the end of a lease!

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