Why Choose Jeep?

The Jeep company has a really bright and unique way. It has been 81 years since the American Bantam Car Company created its first pilot vehicle for the US Army.

For now, it is a famous brand that joined the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company. The Jeep brand symbolizes the trendy tech approach and the top quality of a car. An obligatory part of the manufacturer’s service is a developed network of service stations for after-sales service of the concern’s cars.

All Jeep new car deals are distinguished by the highest level of comfort and safety, incredible off-road capability and reliability, practicality and functionality, advanced technological solutions, and economical fuel consumption. The affordable Jeep lease payment will give you a feeling of absolute confidence in any road and life conditions!

The whole range of brand’s versions is presented at the most attractive Jeep lease cost. Jeep cars can be found in the USA at the official GPM broker. You can get them for lease as well as through the “trade-in” system on special terms. Our Jeep leasing company experts will tell you the options and prices for models available, technical specifications, and any other information that interests you.

Jeep Company History

The history of Jeep is not the history of the company and its founder. This is a story about the unique car that was created out of necessity but became a cult.

Big beginning for Jeep USA lease deals

The brand appeared on the eve of World War II when automakers Bantam, Willys, and Ford built the model that would become known as the Jeep. The contract of the American army won the prototype created by Willys-Overland and the MA SUV manufactured on its basis.

After the war, the company turned to the civilian automotive industry and offered the versatile CJ truck. In June 1946, the first car with an all-metal body appeared — the 463 Jeep Station Wagon.

In 1950, Jeep was registered as a trademark. Five years later, the company became the largest manufacturer of all-wheel drive off-road vehicles. In the following decades, the range of jeeps was refilled with new series:

  • in the 60s — Jeep Wagoneer, Gladiator pickups appeared;
  • the 1970s — sporty two-door Jeep Cherokee;
  • in the 80s, the latest Jeep Wrangler was introduced, and the brand itself was included in Chrysler;
  • the 1990s, the Jeep Grand Cherokee replaced the Wagoneer, the release of the rare Super Wagoneer.

Jeep since the 90s

In 1998, Chrysler Corporation (including the legendary brand) merged with the German concern Daimler-Benz. The deal amounted to 36 billion US dollars. In the first decade of the 21st century, the company introduced the Wrangler Rubicon, the versatile Compass, and the Patriot. Brand engineers transformed the engine, experimented with the Unlimited wheelbase.

After uniting with Fiat SpA in 2009, the company increased its global sales to a 75-year high of 1.14 million Jeeps sold. Today, the brand symbolizes continuous development, and the Jeep name has become synonymous with power and safe driving in all conditions.

At the time of Jeep’s main model — Cherokee’s — widespread popularity in Europe, the model was almost impossible to see in North America. The return of the hero to its homeland took place only after twenty years.

In 2014, the car officially came to its native land with Fiat. Then, the platform included a new 9-speed gearbox, and a range of 6- and 4-cylinder engines. The appearance of the SUV has also received changes. Now the car has a “shark nose” recognizable by all.

Jeep Pros and Cons

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