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Ford lease deals

Ford Ecosport lease Get quote From $470/month
Ford Edge lease Get quote From $570/month
Ford Escape lease Get quote From $530/month
Ford Expedition lease Get quote From $982/month
Ford Explorer lease Get quote From $574/month
Ford F-150 lease Get quote From $560/month
Ford Fiesta lease Get quote From $499/month
Ford Flex lease Get quote Request Quote
Ford Fusion lease Get quote From $599/month
Ford Mustang lease Get quote From $594/month
Ford Ranger lease Get quote From $503/month

Ford’s status as one of the most popular auto brands on the planet in general and the US in particular is unquestionable. That is why leasing offers on these models become more and more in demand. Grand Prix Motors offers the widest range of Ford specials, while Ford lease deals with 0 down payment become more and more popular with our customers in New York.

Ford cars enjoy deserved popularity thanks to the amazing combination of reliability, power, and affordability. Ford is one of the few companies to have avoided any major technical failures over the years, with the exception of a few less popular models. Henry Ford’s idea of creating a reliable car that everyone can purchase, is embodied in a series of well-equipped specials with powerful engines, strong body, and excellent running properties.

Today, the company applies modern technologies, but keeps to its key benefits. Ford is still a car whose safety and durability can be assured.

  • Reliability and Endurance.Despite the fact that Henry Ford himself often set difficult tasks for his engineers, even the boldest changes never went to the detriment of performance. High-quality assembly and special cover case are the two secrets of durability here.
  • Harmonious design. Ford models are good-looking and well-proportioned. You can hardly call their exterior is hardly spectacular and catchy, but it inspires unconditional confidence.
  • Safety.Ford gives this aspect as much attention as possible. Besides a robust body capable of withstanding severe impacts, all vehicles are equipped with airbags and other protection systems. In recent models, cushions are used for all passengers, not just for the driver and the front passenger.
  • Ease of Use.Ford models are really comfortable to drive. The reasons are the quality of the assembly and engine technology, along with maintainability. In case of failure, you can replace the parts of the car with no problems, both from the technical point of view and in terms of the availability of components. All this is a great benefit.
  • Affordability. Ford vehicles entered the market as the first cars available to the general public, and they keep the line today. Along with low cost, Ford owners get high quality and reliability.

All these benefits are relevant for those who choose these cars as an object for lease deals. Working in all NY boroughs, we strive to find the best offers and programs so you can drive a reliable car and enjoy the whole lease period.

Which Ford Special Is the Best for Leasing?

Walking on NYC streets, you probably wondered how many Ford vehicles of various types are there. This variety makes you run away, but at Grand Prix Motors, you can trust an assistant to help you make the right choice, considering your needs and driving style.

Need a small compact car to drive exclusively through NY alleys? Fiesta and Fusion will provide safety and comfort without parking and fuel overconsumption problems. Is an SUV the best car for you? Well, an elegant and powerful Explorer or Escape will touch your heart. Transit lease will give you the experience of working on a reliable car with good load capacity. And, of course, we always think about the connoisseurs of luxury, as we can offer Mustang leasing at the best price of $594 per month!

Why Lease a Ford at Grand Prix Motors?

ford suv front angular view
Leasing is a rather complicated solution, but everything will go smoothly if you choose a reliable auto broker. When offering advantageous lease deals for Ford and other brands and models in NY, we do not forget about your safety and convenience. Today, our valued benefits are as follows:

  • A wide range of makes and models. Our catalog presents Ford sedans, coupes, VANs, SUVs, minivans, pick-up trucks, and convertibles for lease. However, you can choose any other make, and we will provide you with a wide range of new and popular models as well!
  • The most affordable prices in NYC! Our long-term partnership with dealers and flawless leasing schemes help us to find the most advantageous solutions for our lessees. Our offers inspire hundreds of motorists, and we hope that you will find yourself among them as well.
  • Zero down payment! You lease the Ford special you like and you don’t pay anything when you make the deal! Perhaps it may be more convenient for you initially, but your monthly payments may be increased. Still, don’t worry, as our assistant will help you find the way.
  • Perfect trade-in deals. If you are a car owner, you can trade in your car and lease another vehicle which is newer and smarter. We always welcome your decision to deal like this, so you can be sure that leasing is worth it.
  • Online deals. Don’t think about how to get to us if you are as busy as a bee. Just place a quote on our site, confirm all the terms and conditions, and get your new vehicle delivered to your home or office anywhere in New York!

Please contact us to learn more about the best current Ford lease deals, options, and programs and receive the offer you can’t resist!

  • Can I lease a Ford vehicle with no initial down-payment?

    Yes! This is one of the special deals that makes Grand Prix Motors so popular. With our zero-down option, you lease a Ford without making any upfront payments.

  • Is it possible to trade in my Ford car?

    Yes! In fact, trading in your Ford can be a great option in the current market. If you decide to trade in with us, we make the process as simple as possible. We won’t charge you any fees, force you to go through other agencies, or even

  • Can I start leasing a Ford vehicle with poor credit?

    Yes, it is possible to lease a Ford with poor credit. Grand Prix Motors has numerous options that make leasing a vehicle accessible to people with different budgets and credit histories. In some cases, you may be able to lease your Ford with a co-signer (who takes on the financial responsibility of the lease). However, it is strongly recommended to lease vehicles with good credit scores.

  • Is Ford a reliable car manufacturer?

    Ford is consistently ranked as one of the best manufactures in the world, and was the most popular in the US last year. The manufacturer is very reliable.

  • What are the most popular Ford models?

    Since Ford produces such a wide variety of vehicles, there are many popular options. While the F-series pickup trucks are the most popular choice nationally, the Bronco is the top pick in the NY area.

  • Can I turn in my Ford lease early?

    Yes, it is possible to turn in a Ford lease early. However, it is very important that you understand the terms of your lease before doing so to avoid any complications. You will likely be required to pay early termination fees.

  • Can I transfer my Ford lease?

    If you want to end your Ford lease early, transferring may be a more economical option. In most cases, you will be allowed to transfer the lease to someone as long as they have a good credit score. Keep in mind that you must pay a transfer fee, and you might remain liable if the new leasee fails to make payments.



Grand Prix Motors provides you with a wide range of exclusive car lease specials. Choosing the auto with us you choose to save your money and research effort. The exceptional lease deal will get you a nice new car without spending big.

We will do our best to give you a sense of comfort at great affordability. Pick out an auto from the luxurious fleet and Grand Prix Motors will offer the best lease rate to help you drive away with your new car.

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Maximillian Kostyashkin
Maximillian Kostyashkin
For years, Grand Prix Auto Motors on Coney Island Avenue has been the trusted choice for our family’s car needs. Their exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction have made them our go-to auto dealer. Ralph, in particular, has been an invaluable resource for us. His professionalism, deep knowledge of the industry, and sincere care for his customers set him apart. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure we make the best choices for our automotive needs. What keeps us returning to Grand Prix Auto Motors is not just the quality of their vehicles, but the integrity of their service. They have earned our trust through years of consistent and outstanding service, and we plan to continue our patronage for years to come. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or a first-time buyer, Grand Prix Auto Motors offers an unparalleled car buying experience. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a reliable, trustworthy auto dealer.
alex kir
alex kir
It is First time I am worried about nothing at all , all paperwork was done before, the car was delivered as we speak exactly in time . It’s perfect thank you very much guys!!!!!! Definitely going to do business wit you and of course going to refer to all my friends, Thank you !!!!!
Anthony Mauri
Anthony Mauri
Serge with Grand Prix Motors is the best in the business. Period end of story. Makes the process so simple and easy and always delivers, literally. He delivered the car to my office.
Andre is awesome, as is the whole team at Grand Prix Motors. They took care of me and my family and treated us like their family.
Igor Sarkisov
Igor Sarkisov
Great experience, quality service
sagi shefer
sagi shefer
Great service. Answered all my questions and got me what I wanted. Highly recommend.
Fred Verkhovsky
Fred Verkhovsky
The team has been outstanding and that’s why I keep coming back for every lease.
Metin Maya
Metin Maya
I just got my 2024 BMW X5 from Grand Prix auto and the person who help me was Lenny. He was very helpful and very patient with me. It was a great experience. I will recommend %100
Sarah Khovov
Sarah Khovov
Best prices on market, very polite and really only positive things about Lenny and Grand Prix motors !

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