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Cadillac Lease Deals at Grand Prix Motors

If you’re looking for the best Cadillac lease deals in New York, you’re in the right place! Grand Prix Motors offers a wide variety of leasing options for the most popular models, including the Lyriq, the XT6, and the Escalade.

Are you curious to learn why Cadillacs are so special? Well, the luxury brand’s motto is “made, not manufactured”. This means that every detail of the cars’ interiors is hand-crafted. The brand uses premium-quality materials, like natural wood and real leather. The leather used for the seats is cut-and-sewn following a rigorous process.

Thanks to our Cadillac lease offers, these quality cars can be yours without breaking the bank.


Advantages of Leasing with Grand Prix Motors

We offer the best Cadillac leases in NY. Our company is located in the heart of Brooklyn and our lease experts are always happy to help you find the right solution. With our lease contracts, you can drive a new Cadillac every 2-5 years without worrying about maintenance. There are solutions even for people with a bad credit score.

We also offer Cadillac lease deals with a $0 down payment. If you’re eligible, you won’t have to pay any expenses when you sign the contract. You can start to drive your car immediately. All extra expenses will be included in your monthly payment. This is the reason why the monthly payment for a no-money-down contract is typically higher.

After you’ve chosen your favorite model, our experts will offer you a lease proposal. If you accept it, you’ll receive your car right at your doorstep and will be able to drive it right away. You can also trade in your Cadillac at any given time. Just contact us and our experts will let you know all the options available.

Cadillac Lease Special Offers

We constantly offer new Cadillac lease deals. This way, our customers can drive their dream cars while saving a lot of money. Depending on the model of your choice, our experts will provide you with a custom quote.

With most of our special offers, you’re not responsible for the maintenance of your leased car. In this case, the monthly cost for your lease includes free maintenance. Of course, you are still responsible for ensuring that the car stays in good condition.

Listening to music while you drive a Cadillac is a special experience thanks to the high-quality sound system. Each model has a different audio system, but all of them are premium-quality. For example, the CT4-V model has a 14-speaker Bose sound system.

Cars from the brand also have many hi-tech features. For example, you can download the Cosworth Toolbox on your PC and monitor data about your driving performance from there. What if you could drive such an amazing car?

Cadillac-Escalade front angular view

Cadillac lease discounts in Grand Prix Motors

Maybe you dream of driving an XT5 luxury SUV all across Brooklyn, enjoying the power of its 3.6L V6 engine and its gorgeous design. Or, you’re looking for a Cadillac lease in NY because you want to impress your girlfriend by picking her up in a classy CT4-V sedan. Lastly, maybe you just want to enjoy the technology of the most recent Cadillac models.

Did you know that the Integrated Performance Data Recorder, available for many Cadillac models, lets you record every single detail of your driving performance? While you drive, the system records data about the braking force, speed, and steering angle. You can access the data later and use it to learn how to improve your driving performance.

The Integrated Performance Data Recorder also records real-time footage of you while you drive. You can play this video material right on your Cadillac’s integrated screen.

If your dream is accessing all these features, we can make it come true on a budget thanks to our Cadillac lease deals. You can calculate your deal to get an approximate estimation. With our special discounts, the monthly payment for a Cadillac lease is typically much lower than financing the purchase of your favorite model.

  • Can I lease a Cadillac with no initial down payment in New York?

    Yes! At Grand Prix Motors, we offer lease deals with a $0 down payment.

  • Is it possible to trade in my Cadillac car in New York?

    Yes! If you own a Cadillac and it’s in good condition, Grand Prix Motor will buy it! Same if you have a leased Cadillac.

  • Can I start leasing Cadillac with poor credit?

    Yes, but you might be asked for a higher down fee or additional fees. Check out our guide for additional information on this topic.

  • Is Cadillac a reliable car manufacturer?

    Of course! Cadillac has been producing some of the most iconic luxury cars on the market since 1902.

  • What are the most popular Cadillac models?

    The Cadillac XT4 is the most popular SUV of the brand. The CT4 is the most popular sedan.

  • Should I lease or buy a Cadillac car?

    It depends on your needs. If you’d like to drive a new car every couple of years without worrying about maintenance, then Cadillac lease deals are the right choice for you.

  • Can I negotiate my Cadillac lease?

    Of course, you can negotiate the monthly price and down payment.

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