Mercedes lease deals become more and more popular because of the manufacturer’s status in the automotive industry. The car is one of the German Big 3 luxury car makers which provides it with a high authority level. Moreover, the Mercedes New York lease allows you to become a family member of the greatest auto manufacturing business in the world!

The legendary manufacturer is the symbol of expensive, innovative, stylish premium-class cars in Germany. The wide range of sedans, sport-utility vehicles (SUV), coupes, and convertibles provides the feeling of loss among the exciting choices. The Mercedes Benz lease NY is the most promising way to get closer to the iconic history!


Mercedes lease deals Boston remain very popular but sometimes you can find difficulties with the naming system. The symbols can make you feel confused with the auto’s category or kind, we are here to help you. The most important thing is about the letters that they mean the level of models or Mercedes category.


  1. Since 1930, Mercedes has been building special cars for the Pope. The first such model was the Mercedes-Benz Typ Nürburg 460. In 2012, Mercedes-Benz gave the Vatican a new popemobile based on the ML SUV (W166) as a gift.
  2. For the perfect soundproofing of the cabin, all Mercedes S-class W140s were equipped with double-sided double-glazed windows, which now cost a lot of money in the secondary market.
  3. Mercedes-Benz CLK/LM has become the most expensive production car in the history of the automotive industry — its price exceeds $1.5 million.
  4. In Dubai, you can find the world’s only Mercedes G55 AMG with an engine from SLR McLaren with a capacity of 720 hp. A car weighing more than 2 tons accelerates to 100 km / h in an unbelievable 4 seconds for an SUV.
  5. Steve Jobs only bought Mercedes cars and drove them without license plates. California laws allow this, but only for six months from the date of purchase. After six months, Jobs bought a new Mercedes.
  6. In the fate of Princess Diana, the Mercedes 600 played a tragic role: it was on the auto of this model that she got into her fatal accident.
  7. A 6.9-liter Mercedes 450SEL was a major player in the legendary French film “Date”, and the sound of its engine was replaced by the roar of a Ferrari 275GTB, owned by director Claude Lelouch.
  8. To cause higher demand for the GLK crossover, Mercedes has held a competition among tuning studios for the best revision. The winner was an “informal” option for wealthy skaters from the Legendary Motorcar Company.
  9. The Mercedes Benz USA lease is profitable when you choose the pre-owned car with certification because it is possible with the unlimited mileage warranty.
  10. Since 1995, the MBZ autos have been available with new tech features of self-driving.
  11. The unique Mercedes Benz CPO program provides the customers with the opportunity to drive the auto. It is approved and renovated by experienced Mercedes-Benz mechanics.
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