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Our team of car enthusiasts works for you so you can get the perfect Alfa Romeo lease in New York City at the right price. We can offer you the most convenient conditions you can imagine.

Every car lover will immediately agree that this brand really belongs to the pantheon of classics. With such a class comes the primary responsibility for car ownership, which can only be facilitated by the best deals in Brooklyn, NY with a reliable broker. We are proud to offer you an unbeatable price with no hidden fees. Contact us today to get a special discount!

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In recent years, the Alfa Romeo lease offers a new policy of changes. Modern high-tech interiors without the touch of the past and new solutions create refreshed priorities and strategies. If you tend to drive Giulia and Stelvio models, the basis in the latest versions will be replaced.

The promising future lineup will include more body types and the brand announced to show its first hybrid unit! Alfa Romeo hires more and more new engineers and designers to achieve its main goal — to make itself a global premium brand and expand its range. According to a number of fans of the Alfa Romeo lease, it will be easy to do. So it’s high time for you to join the brand’s community through our company!


Currently, leasing companies estimate the share of trade-in transactions at about 50% of total deals. There are promising opportunities for the growth of the trade-in program. This is encouraged by the interest of car owners: more and more people appreciate the convenience of trading in a car to make some extra money!

  • Use the proceeds from trading your leased car to make a down payment on a new lease.
  • The deal is done very quickly and you can even drive a new auto the same day.
  • You will be able to save time as the car does not need to be prepared for the purchase and we are responsible for all the necessary operations.

When you lease a car online with us, don’t worry about any restrictions or limits. You’ve probably seen that some dealerships only offer cars from one or two manufacturers or don’t have enough inventory to make sure you pick the right color or finish for the car you want.

Alternatively, we work as a car lease broker, independent from the manufacturing companies. Grand Prix Motors offers our customers the ability to choose any make and model from a wide-ranging catalog. We also give you access to high-quality leasing options and friendly customer service.

Contact us now to discuss new Alfa Romeo lease deals and make your choice!

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  • Can I start the Alfa Romeo lease with no initial down payment?

    The answer is definitely YES! Grans Prix Motors provides flexible lease conditions based on your needs and requirements. You can calculate your deal to get an approximate estimation. If you don’t want to pay some money upfront, you have no problems with this deal. However, consider that your monthly payments might be a little higher than they could be. But Alfa Romeo’s lease offers are possible with no down payment and it can be profitable too.

  • Is it possible to trade in my Alfa Romeo car?

    Nowadays it is a great solution to trade in Alfa Romeo lease deals and make some extra money because of the specific situation on the market. Of course, there are some benefits you get with trading in your auto: no penalties imposed, the cost of your current vehicle is rolled into the next lease, you can do everything in your leasing company, and the lease provider will be responsible for your old financing, no paperwork, and piles of documents. Consider that Grand Prix Motors can trade in virtually any make and model of yours!

  • Can I choose Alfa Romeo lease deals if I have poor credit?

    In general, you’d better have a perfect score which is between 680 and 739. However, there are several ways to get an Alfa Romeo lease in New York city with bad credit. Grand Prix Motors offers a wide range of choices. You may find any make and model here to fit your needs and lifestyle. If you happen to have a light credit profile, our assistants will work out the possible ways of a lease deal, which may include the qualified co-signer who might have a stronger credit score and be financially responsible for the deal. Your personal lease expert will lead you through the whole process!

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