Kia cars have a modern design, reliable performance, and an impressive combination of comfort and good handling. Some of the KIA lease offers can be equipped with features that until recently could be found mostly in premium brands. But with Grand Prix Motors specials and exclusive programs, the new KIA lease deals are available at the most competitive price.

When choosing a car, it is necessary to take into account many aspects that affect the final choice. Everyone knows that the most popular cars from Korean manufacturers are KIA Motors. Such cars have a large number of advantages and characteristics that make this car popular with consumers.

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Today you can get virtually any make and model with the help of professional brokers at Grand Prix Motors. By selecting the new KIA lease deals you can get a reliable vehicle that’s easy to maintain. The manufacturer’s warranty is standard with every new mode and normally lasts up to 5 years but it’s always better to ensure the exact terms for your model with the lease experts.

All KIA brand cars are rarely repaired since they practically do not fail. And if it passes the service maintenance on time, it can usually do without a single repair. It is important to use the services of the specially authorized providers as they supply only genuine components and replacement parts. Contact us in order to get more information and get the best KIA lease offers for you.


In case you feel hesitant about a KIA lease deals, there are numerous advantages to leasing a car over any other form of investment.

  1. Wide range of models. You can get any model of the Kia lineup suitable for your tastes and lifestyle. If you want to buy a Kia sedan, check out the business class Cadenza, and Optima, which have been produced since 2000 and have gained a lot of popularity among consumers. If you prefer roomy crossovers, you should take note of the stylish Sportage, Telluride, or Sorento SUVs with their unique handling characteristics and modern design. If you choose practical electric vehicles, the innovative powertrain system of the EV6 will be perfect for you. This is not the entire range of the models, so you will only have to choose the most suitable option.
  2. Exclusive buy-back program. You always can save some money on your current vehicle with Grand Prix Motors! If you have a leased car and are thinking about trading it in, it’s high time to do so. You can bring your car and we will offer the most competitive value for it. In this case, you are able to get some extra cash and apply it to your next KIA lease deals.
  3. Economic fuel consumption. KIA lease deals have become an excellent solution for urban use. The company’s engineers work hard to make the fuel consumption of their premium brand cars as low as possible. Some of the cars in the model lineup switch to electronic power, making a contribution to the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

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  • Can I lease KIA with no initial down-payment?

    The answer is YES! Grand Prix Motors provides flexible lease conditions based on your needs and requirements. If you don’t want to pay some money upfront, you have no problems with this deal. However, consider that your monthly payments might be a little bit higher than they could be. But KIA lease offers are available with no down payment and it can be profitable too.

  • Is it possible to trade in my KIA car?

    Nowadays it is a great solution to trade in your KIA lease and make some extra money because of the specific situation on the market. Of course, there are some benefits you get with trading in your auto: no penalties imposed, the cost of your current vehicle is rolled into the next lease, you can do everything in your leasing company, and the lease provider will be responsible for your old financing, no paperwork, and piles of documents. Consider that Grand Prix Motors can trade in virtually any make and model of yours!

  • Can I get a KIA lease in NY with poor credit?

    In general, you’d better have a perfect score which is between 680 and 739. However, there are several ways to get a KIA lease with bad credit. Grand Prix Motors offers a wide range of choices. You may find any make and model here to fit your needs and lifestyle. In case you happen to have a light credit profile, our assistants will work out the possible ways of a lease deal, which may include the qualified co-signer who might have a stronger credit score and be financially responsible for the deal. Your personal lease expert will lead you through the whole process and answer any questions.

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