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A luxury car brand owned by Hyundai Motor Group from South Korea, Genesis Motor, LLC, often referred to as Genesis, represents the company’s core business. A number of the brand’s designers and high-level executives come from among other well-known automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, BMW, and Volkswagen. The Genesis brand was established with the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan launch in 2004. There are three primary reasons for the creation of the standalone Genesis brand:

  • A seven-year success of the Genesis brand in the luxury vehicle market
  • Genesis ranked as one of the top three best-selling cars in the sector
  • It was the customers’ wish to have a separate Genesis division

Advantages of Leasing with Grand Prix Motors

Our Genesis team is committed to providing the best lease deals, so you get to make your dreams come true. Do you wish to drive one of these powerful and fuel-efficient vehicles? We offer great sales deals and an opportunity to sign an affordable lease for a luxury car. The lease features flexible financing, customer-focused services, and a fuss-free maturation process. If you agree to sign up for a lease with us you’ll get a hassle-free and luxurious experience with Genesis, the Premium Hyundai brand.

Are you still having doubts? No worries, we’ll walk you through the entire process of your Genesis Lease. Choose your luxury brand on your terms. Rent it for two or three years, buy it out or return it and select a new Genesis offer by signing a new contract.

Enjoy your great Genesis deals without paying for it upfront. Let us deal with your paperwork and maintenance of your lease contract without any extra hassle. Just kick off your shoes and enjoy a great deal on your premium vehicle!

Come by and visit us to learn more about our excellent offers for these premium vehicles. We are located in Brooklyn, NY, for your convenience.

Contact us to discuss the details!

Genesis_GV70 front angular view

Genesis Lease Special Offers

You’ve come to the right place if you crave excellent quality and affordable lease prices. Whether you wish to drive a luxury sedan for a fantastic price or get a large SUV for the utmost luxury experience, come by our location in Brooklyn, NY, and check out the hot deals you can’t miss!

Are you looking for a high-performance sedan that will be at the top of the auto market in 2021? If so, come to see the great lease offer on the Genesis G70. The high-quality interior is focused on comfort and luxury, and the performance of its 2.0 liters engine with an 8-speed gearbox will give you a smooth ride to places you want to get to.

Want something more than an executive sedan? Check out the luxurious Genesis GV80, which is the epitome of beauty and good taste. Smooth outside lines and luxurious leather interior interlaced with wooden details is a vibrant choice for a high-class customer. The crossover comes in various powertrain layouts at the best prices on the market.

genesis x concept front angular view

Genesis Lease Discounts at GP Motors

As soon as you make your decision on the Genesis lease deal, we’ll offer a special trade-in discount. Please bring in your leased car; after you turn it in, our trade-in program will hold it as an advance payment for your new lease. Call us to arrange the special delivery pick-up deal. Grand Prix comes over to pick up your old car and, simultaneously, deliver your new Genesis to your door: no hassle, pre-sales preparations, no delays.

Your new vehicle purchase made easy.

Grand Prix motors are the fastest and most reliable way to get your new Genesis lease. Visit us for the best discounts and the latest offers.

Best Genesis deals and Genesis lease special offers make Grand Prix motors the most reliable lease partner in Coney Island, NY. We offer multiple perks and benefits, so you don’t have to think twice about how to get the best deal on your dream vehicle. You need a luxury car with all the latest technology, great looks, and affordable prices, and our special lease deals are all.

Get a great luxury vehicle for an attractive price and more:

  • Enjoy the discounts and customized plans we offer to cut down on your expenses
  • Lease your Genesis for three years maximum and enjoy the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Interested in no down payment? You got it! Zero down payment for our customers.

Get in touch with our assistant to sign your special offer deal and have your new car delivered within 48 hours to your home.


  • Can I lease Genesis with no initial down-payment?

    Yes, you can! No down payment is necessary.

  • Is it possible to trade in my Genesis car?

    At Grand Prix, we offer trade-in program deals that can earn our customers an extra dollar. Skip the paperwork, and let your old lease pay initial fees for your new one. We accept a wide range of vehicles for trade-in!

  • Can I start leasing Genesis with poor credit?

    A good credit rating ranges from 680 to 739 points. You can still enter a lease agreement for a new Genesis despite an adverse credit background. Customers with bad credit history may cosign their lease contract with a guarantor, who will be financially responsible for the transaction.

  • Is Genesis a reliable car manufacturer?

    Genesis is a premium brand manufactured by Hyundai, a motor company based in South Korea. It is not only pleasing to the eye and features a luxury lifestyle, but it is a car you can rely on. On February 12, 2020, J.D. Power shared that “Genesis ranks highest among luxury brands” regarding dependability. Its dependability surpassed the average of the auto industry by 34%!

  • What are the most popular Genesis models?

    Genesis models enjoying the most popularity among customers include Luxury Compact SUV, 2022 Genesis GV70, Luxury Compact Sedan, 2022 Genesis G70, and luxury Midsize SUV, 2022 Genesis GV80.

  • Should I lease or buy a Genesis car?

    You can buy or lease a Genesis vehicle, but both options have pros and cons. Generally, it is cheaper to lease a Genesis car, but if you want to be the owner, it’s better to buy one.

  • Can I negotiate my Genesis lease?

    Of course! You can always negotiate your Genesis deal to get the best of it. Come by our location in Brooklyn, NY, and we’ll set you up with the best lease offer on the market.

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