What is the best Land Rover to lease?

Firstly, among the most popular models, you’ll definitely see the Range Rover model. The luxurious interior, many powertrains to choose from, and impressive on-road presence make it an iconic SUV. Slightly higher on the list, the smaller Land Rover Discovery lease comes next in terms of popularity. At Grand Prix Motors, we offer the latest models at a great Land Rover lease cost.

Why Choose Land Rover?

Without a doubt, Land Rover vehicle leasing is among the dominant luxury SUVs choice on the market today. Owning a Land Rover means uncompromising standards of quality and luxury. It is a reliable and durable vehicle that can traverse almost any terrain with ease. Land Rover is the perfect companion for wilderness, forest, mud, and other off-road journeys.

Choose the Land Rover Range Rover leasing option if you are looking for a luxurious exterior and powerful performance. It is a 4WD vehicle with luxuriously upholstered seats and a new infotainment system that will make your driving experience unrivaled.

Looking for an adventure mobile vehicle with undeniable performance? Definitely, you have to take a closer look at the Land Rover new Defender model. This SUV is popular because it combines best-in-class durability, high capacity, fresh configuration, and automotive technology. In our leasing world, the Land Rover lease payments are lower than any competitor’s offers. Call us at (718) 648-8822 to lease your new Land Rover Defender now.

History of Land Rover cars

Let’s start with the first Land Rover that was introduced in 1970. Today it is well-known as the world’s most luxurious SUV. The manufacturing debuted with the prototype called Velar, which means veil. It was kept a secret until his big release. According to the fact, Velar prototype received overall critical glory, Land Rover founded the first three-door permanent AWD vehicle.

After eleven years of success with Velar, the brand became associated with a 4-door vehicle. In 1994, the company developed a second-generation Land Rover with rectangular headlights that are instantly recognizable today. In 2001, the third generation of Land Rover autos started with the inspiring example of the Italian boat Riva.

The premiere Land Rover Sport came to the world in 2005. It was powered by a 4.2L supercharged petrol motor and wishbone air suspension that allowed drivers to adjust the ride height to improve the ride comfort.

In 2008, Land Rover presented the LRX cross-coupe idea for drivers who infrequently make off-road trips. This car had a luxurious futuristic interior. In 2011, the manufacturer released the Evoque, which became the Car of the Year. In 2012, the fourth-generation Land Rover’s main features were a lightweight full-aluminum body, extended wheelbase, and floating roof.

Hybrid Land Rover

2013 was a year when Land Rover company introduced the first Hybrid. With improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions, the Land Rover Hybrid continues to be incredibly powerful. In the same year, the Land Rover Sport second-generation car came with a powerful 3.0L V6 engine. In the following years, the manufacturer expanded its Sport range with the SVR. It was the most rapid and responsive Land Rover with a strong V8 engine and luxurious design.

In 2015, Land Rover presented a very attractive Evoque model. It received a distinctive design that makes it the most compact and comfy all-terrain SUV. In 2017, the up-and-coming Land Rover model Velar offered the ultimate in-ride convenience and luxury.

Why is Land Rover so popular?

Land Rover became the leader in the list of the most popular automobiles in the United States and around the world. Land Rovers’ fame is the result of their high standards of luxury, reliability, safety, performance, and dedication to the elite. This is why Land Rover has become a dream car for many drivers.

Why are Land Rovers so expensive?

Land Rover is a legacy and a popular vehicle that makes it one of the best-selling luxury SUVs. The real answer is that Land Rovers are so pricy because they offer great service and high-quality autos that are definitely worth its money. Regardless of the cost, virtually anyone can afford to lease a Land Rover with the best lease deals on Grand Prix Motors.

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