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Honda Lease Deals – Grand Prix Motors

If you dream of a luxury car but don’t have enough savings to cover the expenses immediately, Honda lease deals are definitely the option to consider. Honda lease offers the ‘organic’ combination of renting and purchasing allowing you to become the potential owner of your chosen car model without needing to pay all at once.

Honda cars are known for their safety, comfortability, capacity, reliability, longevity, and attractiveness. Honda’s original car brand popularity traces back as far as the 1970s when such models as the Civic and Accord were produced. Today Honda cars are much more widespread so you can find what suits you best with Honda lease in NY, and Brooklyn with GPM.

Honda-Civic-Type-R front regular view

Advantages of Leasing with Grand Prix Motors

GPM puts customer satisfaction as its top priority, but there are other reasons why so many people trust us.

First, we offer a wide range of new models. You can easily find something special for you here at our website.

Honda lease in NY, Brooklyn is a great deal as no other car brands provide as many top models as we do.

Second, our committed and professional staff will provide you with exceptional customer service in case you need assistance. Timely turnaround on any vehicle we sell has been instrumental for our staff whose work ethic is uncompromising.

Third, we’re always looking for the best price options for our customers, so we have found a way to offer competitive prices while still maintaining customer satisfaction.

Another factor to consider is how a Honda car lease can be environmentally-friendly since Honda has significantly reduced CO2 emissions and is expected to reduce much more by 2050. This eco-friendly initiative intends to spur renewable energy use, which one day could lead to a zero-emission environment.

Still in doubt? Then read our 5-star reviews and you’ll definitely have no doubts anymore.

Honda Models

Our company has been in the car market for quite a long time, and we know how to impress customers with all lease deals, not just Honda lease deals.

Honda models combine Japanese simplicity and reliability with technological innovations. Engines with the V-TEC system will leave an impression on any driver, even if they only drive the car once. Continuously Variable Transmission is known to be long-lasting and smooth shifting. You will find a modern 7-inch or 9-inch color touch screen multimedia with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration inside.

A wide range of Honda models will meet the criteria of the most meticulous car lovers. If you need a vehicle for off-road, consider SUVs and crossovers of the following models: CR-V, HR-V, Passport, and Pilot. Should you think of a car perfect for city or highway driving, we recommend Accord, Civic, Clarity, and Insight models belonging to the sedan and hatchback configuration. For family trips, the Odyssey minivan is a great variant while the Ridgeline pickup works best for utility.

Comfort & convenience, high-tech audio & connectivity, wonderful exterior & interior features, and good annual mileage will catch the eye of anyone interested in a Honda lease that ensures the possibility to get a new car every few years, tax deductions, and lower monthly payments.

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Honda Lease Special Offers

Anyone can get new Honda lease deals with GPM by using the online application portal and lease calculator. The online portal allows you to monitor your leasing by filtering for parameters such as time span, monthly payment, and credit score.

Another point worth mentioning is that this calculator helps you to be better prepared for potential leasing and what’s actually affordable for you. To calculate the interest rate on a Honda lease, take the purchase price, add the negotiated price and multiply it by the interest rate. Bear in mind that you can’t negotiate the buyout price at the end of your car lease.

We as a leasing company can estimate the vehicle’s residual value or you might do it on your own – just multiply the MSRP by the residual value percentage rate. If you face any difficulties, our lease expert can provide you with information about the numbers and other details to ensure you’ve chosen exactly what you could afford.

Honda Lease Discounts in GPmotors

The current financing program offers the cheapest Honda for $319.99 per month. Pricing varies depending on the model and other characteristics you choose. The least expensive offer is the Honda Civic LX. You can also filter the model and vehicle type by price. Moreover, you can get a free quote on any model by submitting a short form on our website. To keep up with the latest updates about Honda lease in NY, Brooklyn, subscribe to our newsletter to get discounts and be notified about our special offers.


  • Can I lease Honda with no initial down-payment?

    Yes, you can. That’s to say, you’re getting $0 due at the sign and drive options. Unlike loans that almost always require a down payment, leases don’t normally require one. Note, however, that monthly lease payments will be a bit higher without the initial down-payment as you are not pre-paying some of the financial obligations.

  • Is it possible to trade in my Honda car?

    Trading a leased car is not the same as trading a car you purchased. You are obliged to cover some fees and penalties to the leasing company and deal with your contract if you want to trade your Honda car.

  • Can I start leasing Honda with poor credit?

    Sure, you can. In most cases, you may get a less favorable lease offer than you expected – higher monthly payments.

  • Is Honda a reliable car manufacturer?

    Definitely. According to the findings revealed by Warranty Direct, one of the largest British insurance companies, Honda produces the most reliable cars. That is to say, the potential Honda owner will spend the least amount on the post-warranty service of a Honda car compared to the owners of other car brands.

  • Can you extend a car lease?

    Yes, you’re welcome to prolong the contract for predetermined periods which should be arranged by both sides of the lease agreement.

  • Is leasing really cheaper than buying

    Leasing turns out to be much cheaper than buying because you’re only paying a percentage of the total price.

  • What do you pay at the end of a car lease?

    At the end of a car lease, you pay a disposition fee (a charge for returning a leased vehicle).

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