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Are you thinking about driving your own Lexus? Maybe you had the pleasure of driving a Lexus with its smooth interior, rumbling engine, and the scent of luxury. Do you want one but cannot afford to buy one right now? So, why not lease a Lexus? But before you lease a Lexus, have you assessed all your options on the Lexus lease market? The right Lexus lease deal could be just a click away. Grand Prix Motors might have the car you need.

Lexus front bumper view

Advantages of Leasing Your Lexus with Grand Prix

Grand Prix Motors has all the available Lexus types and models. With an extensive online catalog, our customers always find what they want. If you are looking for the best Lexus lease deals online, you can be sure to find them with us at Grand Prix Motors. Once you have taken the time to browse our online catalog, we will be ready to assist you in getting the Lexus you want. At Grand Prix Motors, we have lease experts eager to help you along every step of the way to find the best deal for you. Our experts are easy to contact and available to assist you with the process of getting your Lexus today. And did we mention no down payment and low monthly payments? That’s right. Save money and drive a Lexus with low monthly payments you won’t believe. Get your Lexus lease in Brooklyn, NY, delivered straight to you.

Deals on all the Lexus Models

Whatever Lexus model you have been eyeing, you can be certain to find it with Grand Prix Motors. Starting from different prices and various features, you can select from a wide selection of vehicles. The Lexus, after all, is quality Japanese engineering made for the American high-life. All you have to do is find the right vehicle to fit your lifestyle.

See all our Lexus lease deals:

Model Price/month Lease Term Mileage per year MSRP
Lexus UX200 $386 48 months 10,000 36,315
Lexus UX250 HYBRID AWD $429 48 months 39,165
Lexus IS $447 48 months 42,075
Lexus NX $449 48 months 42,235
Lexus NX 300 AWD $466 48 months 42,235
Lexus ES $500 48 months 47,020
Lexus RC $551 48 months 51,845
Lexus ES350 F Sport $552 48 months 50,030
Lexus ES250 $579.99 36 months
Lexus RX 350 AWD Premium $590 48 months 52,485
Lexus GS $599 48 months 56,330
Lexus GX $624 48 months 58,770
Lexus GX 460 Premium $624 48 months 58,770
Lexus RX450 HYBRID $666 48 months 10,000 58,130
Lexus RC F $842 48 months 79,290
Lexus LS $890 48 months 83,725
Lexus LX $965 48 months 90,785
Lexus GS F $984 48 months 89,095
Lexus LC $1,109 48 months 104,405

Lexus-LF-LC. front angular view

Our Lexus Lease Special Offers

Afford better quality for a low monthly lease to new Lexus lease deals at Grand Prix Motors in Brooklyn, NY. The time to act has never been better. Maybe you’re looking for a hybrid to save on gas. Or perhaps, you need a vehicle with unique features. Whatever it is, you, too, can have the privilege of driving a Lexus. Don’t wait; check out our new hot deals with short-term commitment and no hassles:

Get Lexus Lease Discounts with Grand Prix Motors

When you come with the safety of a trade-in to lease a new Lexus, you can be sure to earn yourself a discount. By trading in your Lexus, the cost of your old lease rolls over to the Lexus lease of your choice. A Lexus lease in Brooklyn, NY, is always negotiable. From the price tag, and down payment, to any other fees, through a mutual understanding, we can reach the right lease discounts for you.


  • Can I lease a Lexus without a down payment?

    Of course! Our experts at Grand Prix Motors can easily provide a lease without a down payment. The only catch with no upfront payment is a slightly higher monthly lease for a new Lexus. In any case, it is a Lexus, and you can lease one without a down payment.

  • Is it possible to trade in my Lexus car?

    Yes! You can always trade-in your leased Lexus and even benefit from it. The cost of your lease automatically rolls over to the new lease, and we take care of all the paperwork. With Grand Prix Motors, you can trade in any make and model for a fresh new lease.

  • Can I lease a new Lexus with bad credit?

    In short, it’s always better to have a good credit score closer to 700. But, even if you have bad credit, it’s still possible to lease a Lexus with Grand Prix Motors NY. Our agents will try their best to help you get the right Lexus lease deals. Even if it means getting a co-signer, our agents will help you find a solution.

  • Is Lexus a reliable car manufacturer?

    Absolutely! Lexus vehicles are usually ranked high for reliability and continue to climb higher. Lexus has been among the top reliable car brands for years. With such a rich history in quality and dependability, Lexus is perhaps the most reliable luxury vehicle in the market.

  • What are the most popular Lexus models?

    The most popular Lexus models include the American best-selling RX models and the Lexus ES250, Lexus UX250 HYBRID AWD, and Lexus GX460 Premium. Get all the great offers on these models at Grand Prix Motors NY.

  • Can you turn in your Lexus lease early?

    Yes, you can turn in your Lexus lease early. However, fees may apply depending on the VIN (vehicle identification number), the vehicle’s mileage, and the pictures you provide of your Lexus.

  • Can you transfer your Lexus lease?

    Yes, you can transfer your Lexus lease. However, you will need to contact Lexus financial, collect the paperwork, and start a credit application. Keep in mind that this process might take about a month and a half.

  • Is it cheaper to lease or buy a Lexus?

    Generally, it is always cheaper to lease a Lexus than to buy one because the monthly costs will be lower. However, if you want to own a Lexus, it would be better to buy one.

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