Car leasing is a reasonable solution and an excellent alternative to financing. However, some lessees face some problems even at the beginning. The meal of choice is one of them; for example, some of them are looking for the best dealers near them and spend a lot of time searching for suitable terms and conditions of a lease contract, while others are thinking about which car to choose.

If it is the US in general and New York in particular, Japanese cars are chosen as often as the American, and sometimes even more often. Fans of the vehicles from the Land of the Rising Sun have their brands to admire, and Mazda is on the list. If you’re looking for your perfect Mazda lease deal, we will be happy to figure out all the benefits for you!

What Are the Reasons to Lease a Mazda and Sign a Perfect Deal?

Mazda-Vision-Coupe-Front view

The share of Japanese cars in the American market is constantly growing. Motorists are attracted by design, fuel economy, and safety. Mazda does not save on quality: here, high-end materials, thoroughly tested spare parts, and proven design solutions are used. List of the benefits which this brand as the best option for leasing offers is impressive:

  • Good for both amateur race and family trips. Mazda cars are favorites among speed and drive lovers. However, the company is also known as a manufacturer of family specials. For example, the seven-seat crossover Mazda CX-9, which develops up to 210 km/h in a few seconds. It is possible to arrange a friendly race but nothing can prevent you from going on a long trip with your loved ones.
  • Unique interior hugs and gives confidence. Mazda’s design is based on “Kodo the Soul of Motion ” concept developed by Ikudo Maeda, the Head Designer. It consists of three key elements; Yohaku or ma, that celebrates the beauty of free and empty space, Sori, or Curves that are full of balance and poise, and Utsoroi that means the mesmerizing play of shadow and light. For 12 years, engineers have been using these principles to create their specials. Inside, leather is usually used for all the parts and details, including armrests, steering wheel, and decorative elements. Heating seats and climate control add a sense of enveloping comfort.
  • Trunk accommodates shopping and outdoor activities. In Mazda cars, even sedans, the standard trunk holds 429 liters. For example, it is the Mazda 6 which is the one of the most popular lease deal options. Mazda CX-9, an impressive crossover SUV, with a volume of 1,641 liters with both rows of passenger seats folded, can be claimed as the most spacious trunk in the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup. CX-5 has similar parameters; trunk capacity varies from 442 to 1620 liters here.
  • Safety systems will protect against most accidents. Most options are provided even in the basic trim levels of Mazdas. Against rain, ice and fog the vehicle is protected by an emergency braking system. Besides, the dead zone monitoring system and the pedestrian recognition feature will warn about the risk of accidents. Some models have driver fatigue monitoring options that warn you if you leave the lane. If you dream of absolute certainty on the road, this brand will provide one of the best lease deals.
  • Impressive speed and performance. The Japanese manufacturer keeps to the SkyActiv system. The technology has improved dynamics, and at the same time, the vehicles are safer and offer sharp handling. Improved speeds are available in sedans and in crossovers – each model is equipped with the configured Sport mode. Every pedal tap becomes more sensitive and even an inexperienced driver can accelerate the car. Switches are accented and the stroke is smooth, and all these benefits are the good reasons to deal on a Mazda to lease.
  • Nature-Friendliness. The car maker follows the world’s strictest standards of environmental safety. The SkyActiv technology makes Mazda cars safe for nature. The system has a thermal efficiency of 56% – when operated, burned fuel directs heat to the engine, rather than spending it on dispersion. With the production of each successive model, the Japanese manufacturer makes every effort to reduce the damage to the environment.

The Best Mazda Lease Specials: What Car To Choose?

Leasing Mazda is very popular in NY, and if you are looking for a reliable auto broker near you, then Grand Prix Motors is what you may need. Here, we offer a wide lineup of specials, and most of the deals are made on the following models:

  • Mazda 6. This exquisite sedan with a special character exudes magnetism multiplied by unsurpassed technical superiority. Being near this car means being influenced by its charms, but once you are behind the wheel, you cannot go back. Leasing this car promises endless emotions, which ensures the popularity of deals upon it across NY.
  • CX-5. The compact crossover SUV, available for leasing in both front and four-wheel drive versions. The car looks classy, and the specifications guarantee the pleasure of driving both in and outside New York City. You can lease one of several Mazda CX-5 trim levels that we offer in our catalog.
  • CX-9. The seven-seater SUV is a flagship of a Japanese manufacturer. The car facilities include the latest developments of the Japanese engineers; adaptive headlights, cruise control with the function of maintaining the distance, an electric-drive manhole, and a system of circular review.

Leasing Mazda at Grand Prix Motors – The Key Benefits

mazda hybrid suv cars on the top of the hill

Grand Prix Motors is a company that is well-known to the lessees of Brooklyn and many other motorists in New York City and other boroughs. Several thousand lease deals within years of our work This has resulted in the approval of a high level of services and the possibility to offer the most comfortable conditions. If you think of a Mazda lease today, you can count on the following advantages:

  • Wide range of vehicles. Mazda today is mainly sedans and SUVs, and each of them can be called a work of automotive art. Whether you need an elegant CX30 or you feel that a stunning Mazda 3 is more suited to your driving style, we will find what to offer you.
  • Offers you can afford. CX5 at $379 per month, or CX9 at the monthly payment of $459 for example let you drive a classy car with no harm to your finances!
  • A lot of incentives and benefits. We cooperate with many manufacturers and dealers so that our customers can participate in various special programs to make leasing even cheaper for themselves.

So, find your Mazda and place your quote online for your lucrative lease deal and unforgettable driving experience!


  • Can I lease Mazda with no initial down-payment?

    The answer is YES! Grand Prix Motors provides flexible lease conditions based on your needs and requirements. If you don’t want to pay upfront, it’s not a problem at all. However, keep in mind that your monthly payments might be a bit higher than they could be. But Mazda lease deals are possible with no down payment, and they can be profitable too.

  • Is it possible to trade in my Mazda car?

    Yes, of course it’s possible to trade in your Mazda lease and make some extra money at the same time. Of course, there are other benefits you get with trading in your auto: no penalties imposed, the cost of your current vehicle is rolled into the next lease, your leasing company will take care of all the paperwork, and guarantee that your old lease provider is still responsible for financing. Grand Prix Motors can trade in virtually any make and model for you!

  • Can I get a Mazda lease with poor credit?

    In general, a good credit score should be somewhere between 680 and 739. However, there are several ways to get a new Mazda lease deals with bad credit. Grand Prix Motors offers a wide range of choices so you can find any make and model to fit your needs and lifestyle. In case you happen to have a poor credit score, our assistants will work with you to find the best possible way to get you a lease deal, which could include finding a qualified cosigner who would be financially responsible for the deal. Your personal lease expert will lead you through the whole process and answer any questions you might have.



Grand Prix Motors provides you with a wide range of exclusive car lease specials. Choosing the auto with us you choose to save your money and research effort. The exceptional lease deal will get you a nice new car without spending big.

We will do our best to give you a sense of comfort at great affordability. Pick out an auto from the luxurious fleet and Grand Prix Motors will offer the best lease rate to help you drive away with your new car.

Best Rated & Most Trusted leasing company

Maximillian Kostyashkin
Maximillian Kostyashkin
For years, Grand Prix Auto Motors on Coney Island Avenue has been the trusted choice for our family’s car needs. Their exceptional service and commitment to customer satisfaction have made them our go-to auto dealer. Ralph, in particular, has been an invaluable resource for us. His professionalism, deep knowledge of the industry, and sincere care for his customers set him apart. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure we make the best choices for our automotive needs. What keeps us returning to Grand Prix Auto Motors is not just the quality of their vehicles, but the integrity of their service. They have earned our trust through years of consistent and outstanding service, and we plan to continue our patronage for years to come. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or a first-time buyer, Grand Prix Auto Motors offers an unparalleled car buying experience. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a reliable, trustworthy auto dealer.
alex kir
alex kir
It is First time I am worried about nothing at all , all paperwork was done before, the car was delivered as we speak exactly in time . It’s perfect thank you very much guys!!!!!! Definitely going to do business wit you and of course going to refer to all my friends, Thank you !!!!!
Anthony Mauri
Anthony Mauri
Serge with Grand Prix Motors is the best in the business. Period end of story. Makes the process so simple and easy and always delivers, literally. He delivered the car to my office.
Andre is awesome, as is the whole team at Grand Prix Motors. They took care of me and my family and treated us like their family.
Igor Sarkisov
Igor Sarkisov
Great experience, quality service
sagi shefer
sagi shefer
Great service. Answered all my questions and got me what I wanted. Highly recommend.
Fred Verkhovsky
Fred Verkhovsky
The team has been outstanding and that’s why I keep coming back for every lease.
Metin Maya
Metin Maya
I just got my 2024 BMW X5 from Grand Prix auto and the person who help me was Lenny. He was very helpful and very patient with me. It was a great experience. I will recommend %100
Sarah Khovov
Sarah Khovov
Best prices on market, very polite and really only positive things about Lenny and Grand Prix motors !

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