Every property you have requires enough responsibility and a caring attitude. No matter if you buy or rent something it becomes your duty to take care of it, check the conditions on time, and provide repairs & maintenance control of your leased car, for instance. However, sometimes we don’t think a lot about the thing we owe because being sure nothing bad and unexpected can happen. It is not a good idea at all, life prepares a lot of surprises! 

Despite the facts, drivers are most likely to be caring and mindful they admit some errors as well. It depends on the kind of vehicle ownership. Car lease means you’re an owner of your car for a long period of time. Thus, you have to be thoughtful about your driving skills and behavior on the way.

Grand Prix Motors provides the best coverage plans and offers comfortable conditions for your car maintenance and repairs. However, only if you provide your responsible attitude and true love to the vehicle you choose! 

So, who is responsible for your leased vehicle maintenance and repairs? Definitely, it’s up to you and you are responsible! Luckily, there are some guides which can help you to handle this baggage.

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What should you do if you need to repair your vehicle?

The leased car, especially a new one, always has a manufacturer warranty that covers the repairs and maintenance during your lease agreement. But you have to be attentive that if you want to prolong your lease terms, the company won’t renew the car warranty automatically. In this case, you have to buy an extended warranty to cover the repair bills. 

If you need to fix some problems you have to find a relevant garage to do the job. Thus, your first step is to contact your personal assistant and discuss the problem with your leased vehicle. 

Commonly, lease deals provide information about the kinds of garages you can go to. Sometimes you can choose the independent one, but usually, you take the car to a franchised dealership for your manufacturer. 

You have to negotiate this question with the leasing company but remember that it’s not always a good solution to find some garages on your own because it is a longer and much more complicated process that requires only your attention without the help of your leasing company. 

In case the works aren’t carried out according to the manufacturer’s standard the warranty will be invalidated and you will cover the cost of services. Also, you can have some extra charges from the company for your warranty loss.  

Keep in mind that regular services can help you avoid some crucial errors and hold the shape of your car. You can find in your lease agreement how often you should service the vehicle.  

What is included in the maintenance coverage?

Surely, there is some maintenance you can do on your own like car seat cleaning, brake pads checking, etc. There are basic things that don’t require some special skills and care. However, when you lease a car, a maintenance package is usually provided. MoneyShake reveals pros and cons of the package.

It will be an extra option with a certain price included in your monthly payment. By your wish, you can make this payment separately. Maintenance coverages differ but there are some basic aspects that are obviously necessary for further comfortable driving. 

Maintenance package consists of:

  • Servicing which includes any repairing or replacement of some parts considered fair wear and tear such as disks, batteries, brake pads, wiper blades, belts, light bulbs and others
  • MOT which is necessary only if your agreement is longer than 36 months, because when you drive a car over 3 years it requires once-a-year testing 
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Oil checks and top-ups
  • Breakdown recovery with the 24-hour everyday assistance during the lease term
  • Replacement tyres which are not connected with your mistakes

This package will cover all your costs and prevent you from some unexpected fees.

What is not covered with the maintenance package?

There are some common restrictions in every maintenance coverage plan which will cost you some money in case of irresponsible attitude:

  • Wear and tear like damages after accidents, poor treatment, paintwork defects and everything because of driver’s fault
  • Excessive wear
  • Missing or broken car parts
  • Stolen or damaged parts and accessories

Therefore, the well-known rule is always relevant: first, you work on your name then it works on you. First, you have to grow your ability to keep the car in its top condition and it will save your costs later. Some damages are inevitable, that’s why you can contact your GPM personal expert to choose the best coverage plan for you!

#enjoy your freedom with Grand Prix Motors!

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