When you start thinking about car lease deals, the first thing in mind is how to find a good reliable company. Sometimes you ask for a piece of advice from your friends, relatives, or colleagues, surf the Internet to find the ratings and read some reviews and make your decision. It seems difficult not to lose this game and be lucky with a fair company to cooperate. How does leasing a car work? This question makes you worry about further experience and get mad at the amount of research and analysis you have to do. You are safe with Grand Prix Motors experts who are ready to tell you the necessary information and something extra!

Can you imagine that car lease deals can be easy, not expensive, and even profitable for you? However, it can be a true fact about you if you know some specific rules. It is not a miracle anymore to be a leasehacker and negotiate the cheap car leasing for you!

The conditions of your lease deal depend on you. Of course, you shouldn’t consider some hacks as cheating or security threats. At first, we mean deep knowledge of some additional facts, implementing secret techniques, and your own strategy to make the process work on your behalf. 

We will share Top 9 car leasing hacks which can work to your advantage!

Of course, you must know about the basics of the leasing process. You will be confused about how does leasing a car work till the moment you study all the rules carefully. Don’t forget about negotiations that affect the process a lot and make cheap car leasing possible. However, you should never stop at this information and keep searching for interesting aspects of car leasing to feel confident and aware of everything that happens! So, what are the major hacks for the car lease deals?

One Percent Secret Rule 

There is no hack to count your payments as you want to do that. However, you have to know this golden rule of 1%. If your monthly payment is equal to one percent of the MSRP, it is an ideal deal. For instance, if you want to lease a car for $25,000, the monthly payment of $250 will be fair and you get the best lease contract!

Choose the Perfect Vehicle

Every time when it comes to car leasing, you can see tempting offers of extraordinary or luxurious cars. No doubts, it is a good opportunity to drive the latest models cars but think about what you really need. If you are a big fan of comfort and classic models, you will be lucky! There are always many special offers for the most popular models and you can get the best deal with the lowest monthly payment!

Cap Cost Reduction 

Cheap car leasing closely comes to the capitalized cost reduction which you should negotiate at the beginning of the lease deal. Check all the factory incentives, down payment, and the opportunity to trade your car into the dealership to lower the cap cost. It will affect your monthly payments and, obviously, save your costs.

Ensure about Your Stability at Earnings

It sounds like an obvious fact but many people don’t take it seriously. When you think of car leasing as a potential kind of car ownership, remember to analyze the exact amount of money you get regularly. Consider the fact you can be quit or retired and how it will influence your income. Don’t forget about the importance of your credit score as well. This point will save you from extra money loans and credits.

Fees, Fees and More Fees

Acquisition and disposition fees can become helpful if you are aware of how they work. These payments can be minimal or even outrageous for you, negotiation works to your advantage again. They can be hidden, so it will be a great decision to start the discussion and ask for the information about all kinds of fees you will have to pay.

Gap Insurance as a Hack

Commonly, the leasing company provides you with gap insurance to protect you from having a stolen or accident-totaled car. You can buy it straight from your insurance provider or discuss it with your GPM personal assistant. It works on your profit if you purchase an appropriate one.

Technology is a Friend

The Internet gives you a lot of additional information about car leasing and it is a good idea to use it. However, be careful with reading some fake facts or advertising articles which can hurt your wallet. Sometimes the companies order some materials in media to have some profit. For instance, they want to advertise their most expensive cars and had an agreement with the information agency to post the list of best cars to lease. It is not fair information for customers but it works well for the lessors. You have to be aware of all the details and check them carefully. That’s why it’s better to scroll the website of the specialized leasing company to find out the information of qualified experts. It will be a great combination of Google terms learning and a conversation with your provider.

Learn the Contract Carefully

Surely, when you sign the lease contract you must be confident about what you are signing. Remember that each point of the contract can be personally negotiated. Check carefully the total leasing cost, monthly payments, lease term, and study the situation with taxes on your region. Some companies tend to cheat and change some deal details that you can’t notice. So, don’t let anybody use it, and don’t forget your hacks to honest cooperation!

Be Tidy and Make Cleaning Your Hobby

This rule is mostly about the logical approach. Consider your habits and common routine to prevent yourself from extra costs. Think if you smoke or used to eat inside the car, have pets or hyperactive children and try to clean your vehicle as often as possible. You will be able to return the leased car in perfect condition and have no discussions about extra payments with the lessors.

GPM Bonus

Commonly, we provide you with one more bonus secret and we won’t stop this tradition! The well-known fact that many people frequently miss is connected with your emotions. Don’tstart car leasing with your heart, turn on the thinking! You should understand why do you want to lease a car, what vehicle do you want, what habits influence your car leasing. So, you don’t have to choose the car only by its design or your friend’s sincere recommendation. Analyze things and make the right decision for you!

Therefore, the car leasing process becomes your school and our articles are your home tasks. Moreover, when you are an adult person, such practices should be common for you to train your brain. Grand Prix Motors is more than a leasing company for you. Our experts become your reliable friends and partners, our company is your educational center for free! Contact us to find the best car lease deals and choose your perfect one!

#enjoy your freedom with Grand Prix Motors!

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