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Nowadays, leasing gains popularity among car owners who are choosing to lease cars rather than buy. Almost one of every three new cars leaving the dealership is leased. And the question of how to get the best lease deal is going to be one of the most important for a customer who is about to lease a car in New York, isn’t it?

We live in a time of constant changes, and what’s hot, viral, and trending this morning is often cold as ice by sunset. If you want to avoid being surprised and want to make sure you are doing right, it’s important to scope out the terrain before charging ahead.

We will figure out why leasing is so attractive and find out how to get the best lease experience in NY. No time to read more? Contact our lease expert to get a free consultation.

Why is car leasing smart?

Big city dwellers cannot imagine daily life without a car. You need to be active and always keep up with the rhythm of New York. But what if you are not ready to commit to the long-term loan? Maybe you don’t want to take care of the maintenance for more than 5 years? What if you want to pay less for your excellent drive? In this case, auto leasing makes perfect sense.

So, what are the other cases when car lease is a great idea?

  • You want to drive a newer car every few years. All this fuss with selling and buying may be tiresome if you are a car owner. Still, leasing takes hassle away! Leasing companies in big cities add the newest specials to their lineup regularly, so you may experience any novelty you like.
  • You drive a car on occasion. There are devoted motorists that spend a lot of time behind the wheel, while some other drivers do it for a few days or weeks if their business or family issues require it. In this case, lease deals free you from many costs like insurance and maintenance that you would bear if you owned a vehicle.
  • You save on sales tax. It relates mostly to those who use a car for business purposes. When leasing, you may raise your tax write-offs that often imply the deduction of standard mileage rate or claiming some actual expenses. Anyway, you will have some preferences, but if you want to learn more, please contact our experts.

Car leasing has become extremely popular for the last few years providing the customer with the cost and convenience that no financing scheme can beat.

What leasing is better than buying?

When you sign the leasing contract you get a car to drive for a suitable period of time. You make monthly payments that cover depreciation and taxes only for the time you have the vehicle. This way the payments will be lower than if you were to take a loan to buy the same car for the same number of months as the lease.

Brand new luxurious car models now seem to be much more affordable. You can lease a new car from such a vast range of makes & models that you have not even considered.

Imagine your nice new SUV priced at $30 000. After 4 years of driving its cost will most likely go down to ~$20 000. Here the approximate depreciation is going to be around ~$10 000. Your future lease deal will be calculated based on this number adding other necessary fees. As you may want to get the precise depreciation estimated you may contact our car lease expert for a Free Quote.

What are the leasing conditions?

Besides, you can change your car every few years and enjoy driving the new one. You will have a fixed amount of miles per year to drive. So you get your car for the most problem-free years and at the end of the contract just choose another one.

Depending on the length of the car lease, repairs may be covered under warranty, and this means you won’t have to pay to get your car serviced if a component fails. This way you are secured from possible malfunctions and constant repairs.

More to that you’ll also be able to drive off in a new car with less money down. Car loans require obligatory down payments while car lease deals offer less or no money down. This way you only make the first month’s payment with the needed fees. Grand Prix Motors provides 0 money down service and if you are interested in some details our car lease expert will contact you to provide with all the information.

If you are looking to lease a car in New York, it is important to make sure you’re well aware of all the details.

What to know before leasing a car in NYC?

  • Credit score can help greatly with getting the best auto lease deals in New York. You will have to pass the credit check to get the lease approval and of course the best deal for you. You may want to aim for a score of about 620 and the rule of “the more the better” clearly works here. Don’t get upset if you may not provide the company with this number because the lease expert will look for the best possible option in your case.
  • You must be over the age of 18 and you need to have a valid license. There are many ways to help you if you are a student with a low credit score or you are under 18 and we will do our best to meet your needs.
  • If your question is “how do I easily lease a car near me?” The answer is Grand Prix Motors – the car leasing company which provides the best lease deals in New York, Brooklyn. Our lease expert can contact you now and walk you through the whole process from A to Z.

If you think now that leasing is quite a good way to get your new car let’s figure out your

5 steps on how to get the best lease deal in New York today.

1. Choose your make & model that holds its value

You definitely have some ideas on which car you would like to drive. It is better for you to consider that you are interested in a vehicle that will not gain massive depreciation as your lease price depends on it. So if you choose a car that holds its value, or depreciates less, your lease payment will be lower. You may research the specific models or contact our lease expert to look for your best options.

2. Check leasing specials

Leasing companies release specials each month and sometimes for special dates and events. We select the best cheapest car lease specials for popular car makes & models monthly. You won’t find any hidden payments in our car lease offers, and you will get $0 or a very low down payment for the vehicles for lease. We work with each client individually to make your leasing experience stress-free and convenient. Contact your personal lease expert for more details.

3. Price the car

You may not waste your time contacting various dealerships to get numerous quotes for the limited range of cars. You can get any make & model at the lowest price possible with a full-service lease deal. We quote vehicles on a “no money down” basis, thus our pricing is always competitive. Most advertised lease rates through dealers require a down payment. We simply spread that down payment across the lease term creating a more attractive budgeting option for the customer. Additionally, we are able to leverage all available manufacturer incentives in addition to many private incentives available to consumers who are members of exclusive and affinity networks. The advertised lease special is often confusing to buyers. We can walk you through the numbers and help you make a good decision for your needs.

4. Spot your best deal

An easy way to spot your best deal is to look at how much the dealer is charging over the invoice price. With Grand Prix Motors it is Zero. $0.00. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service in the industry. We are working with our customers to address all their needs in a straightforward, no-hassle manner. There is no additional service fee on top for the premium consultative process of delivering our customer’s specific requirements. We offer premium “white-glove” services including delivery of your new car to your home or office. We receive no compensation unless you close your transaction and take delivery of the vehicle you order.

5. Close the deal

Is Zero Down Payment a Good Idea for the Best Lease Deal?

When you are completely satisfied with all the contract details and ready to drive your new car the last thing is to sign the contract. Let your car lease expert know that you made up your mind and we will deliver the car right to your front door. You also can apply for a car lease approval online and have your car delivered the same day. Got any questions? Contact us to answer all of them.

In fact, zero down payment sounds great, as it means you can count on good leases even if you are short of money. However, is this the option that can make your deal really smart? Well, let’s give it a closer look.

You may think that zero initial payment means that you just don’t pay at the moment of signing a contract at all, but things are a bit different. As experts explain, there are at least four types of it:

  • With No Capitalized Cost Reduction. It means that you don’t provide initial payment at signing, but you pay all the fees (taxes, etc.) and the first month’s payment at the moment the deal is on, so you still need some money for your lease.
  • The First Payment from the Dealer. Some car makers can authorize their dealers in NYC to act like this, but this incentive is a rare bird. Anyway, if you happen to catch it, you may feel lucky!
  • Both Cap Cost Reduction and First Month’s Payment Are Not Withheld. In this case, there is no need to deposit money on these issues, so you pay just the state’s fee here. On the other hand, you feel less financial strain; on the other hand, things stay like this until the next month when you will have to make a larger monthly payment.
  • Sign and Drive. These deals are the most popular in Brooklyn and the other NYC boroughs, as they take less time and money at the very beginning. In fact, you just deposit the amount provided by your leased agreement and get behind the wheel right after that.

All these things may look tempting, but regarding zero down payment as a panacea is a mistake! The fact is that it is not refundable, so you will have to compensate it with your future monthly payments which will be higher, as the value of the car stays the same, and a share of money can’t disappear completely.

However, 0% initial payment may become an option if you tend to make a better deal on your dream car, and your lack of money is short-term. Later, you will enjoy your drive, and the payments won’t strike your budget greatly even if they are a bit larger. If it is your case, then feel free to negotiate on these terms.

Finally, why is it worth choosing a car lease in NYC?

Leasing with Grand Prix Motors saves you money and effort. More affordable payments come from low-interest rates and require little or no money down. You instantly get a nice new car suitable for the period of time you want. We provide exceptional customer service and take all the hassle on us so you may enjoy the benefits of your new car.

Our office is staffed with passionate automobile enthusiasts eager to lend their expertise. We pride ourselves on making your experience educated, seamless, and transparent while guaranteeing the most competitive prices among the auto leasing companies.

Visit us today so we can ease you into the driver’s seat or contact our lease expert for more information.

#enjoy your freedom with Grand Prix Motors!

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